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29 Nov 2010 00:42
looks alright Hugsie, but vans are so generic now its putting you in a category with a whole bunch of annoying fucks.
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29 Nov 2010 08:20

Kicking Mule Workshop
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29 Nov 2010 09:15
Ineff wrote:
need4tweed wrote:
haemogoblin3 wrote: u have to be deluded to think that everything from the far east is shit
in fact, many of your made in italy/england/france/japan shit are made in china. there are lots of grey area with labeling law and most of the time what is put on the label is based on the final point of production.
seriously, its about time to stop talking like you know your clothing better than everyone else because you obviously don't.

So a knit made in Hawick, is going to get sent all the way over to China and have washing instructions label sewn in and then imported back to the UK? I work in the textile industry you prick, I think I know when something is grey labeled and when the manufacture of its cloth and construction is all sourced in the same area. I know you get China making 'Italian' cloth, and the word Italian becomes to mean something over than the place, its used to describe the type of fabric, not where is geographically sourced. A company like FP probably do get the panels sent over from China and then finished in the UK, to say Made in the UK and therefore bump up the price by 20 quid, but with the Italian ones I'm pretty sure the whole process is contained in Italy, thats why they look so different.

And sayword, I'm not sure how you've 'learnt' I'm a joke account, I'm not a joke account at all, just look at my blog, why the fuck would I go to the length of having a blog to the same email address and name if it was a joke account, all I can say is I've just learnt you enjoy talking out your arse.

Laughing out loud

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29 Nov 2010 10:42
Vis Alta
J Crew knit
Pro Club tee
Vis Folk 73
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29 Nov 2010 11:24
aitch & hiimmrr63 Cool
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29 Nov 2010 11:27
aitch Cool
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29 Nov 2010 11:30
lovely dave and aitch.
I need a beige flecked knit.
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29 Nov 2010 14:01
I had wallabees to start off but too slippery as they were new. Thecolour of the dunk perfectly matches jacket.

Uniforms for the Dedicated
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29 Nov 2010 14:04
Love the jacket
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29 Nov 2010 14:12
Really like that, was unsure on these varsity hybrids but that looks spot on, good work Cool
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29 Nov 2010 14:15
excuse me while i Sick!
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29 Nov 2010 14:18
looks like a varsity for grown ups
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29 Nov 2010 14:19
white iphone, you queer or sommat
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29 Nov 2010 14:20
giddas wrote: looks like a varsity for the mentally challenged
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29 Nov 2010 14:27
Don't know why I bother. Won't again. It's going to become a forum with 10 members.
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29 Nov 2010 14:33
You have more positive comments than negative!
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29 Nov 2010 14:37
You got some comments, at least. Most people just get ignored
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29 Nov 2010 14:38
everyone gets dogged on this site… thats just standarrd innit
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29 Nov 2010 14:54
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29 Nov 2010 15:03
robii wrote: You got some comments, at least. Most people just get ignored
my last 2 waywt's got 0 comments. i died a little inside Cry
i'll post one up tonight, best get mega hyped