Menswear: What are you wearing today, pics only and LIST what you are wearing!

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10 May 2012 18:25

carhartt coat
supreme tee
apc ns
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10 May 2012 20:01
Robadob wrote: OP? Been confusing the shit out of me for days.

overpowered Evil
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10 May 2012 20:04
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10 May 2012 21:10
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10 May 2012 21:12
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11 May 2012 12:46
Liking the olive/khaki vibe atm, Strictly / GameOver Cool

Supreme s/s gingham
Clarks Desert Khan
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11 May 2012 14:08
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11 May 2012 14:11
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11 May 2012 14:16
Jordan wrote: Cool
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11 May 2012 19:57

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11 May 2012 20:06
Mob - shoes and jeans are?
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11 May 2012 20:19
Guessing Dior and OC?
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11 May 2012 21:59
some fucking Cool fits on this page

hyde and co with the missus
apc apc dior grensons

still unsure what to wear with the grensons, love em though. but do teach me
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11 May 2012 22:54
A little less stack on the jeans and they would be perfect IMO. All looks good.
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12 May 2012 00:12
Last few pages have been excellent. Ubercool
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12 May 2012 11:24
Silent tees
Noble Locks
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12 May 2012 11:29
list what you are wearing and dont do that facebook attention seeking shit. Eye-wink

mob wrote
arrrrrrgh, ive had it today. i mean it. thats it. im going to explode and the person whos made me like this knows who they are.

homer wrote
whos upset you me old plate of china?

conductor wrote
i still think you are amazing and cool and would love to be youre man. Please tell me whos upset you and i will hunt them down and dobb them into the boys in blue.

rez wrote
if id been unfortunate enough to be born working class and upped to middle like you have, id want to be you. whats up my chum?

onlyonestop wrote
good you cunt. drown in your own fucking tears mug.

jordan wrote
i felt like this yesterday, somebody tied a knot in my summer scarf at work. whats happened my friend. i feel for you.

the tiger wrote
are you ok mob? ive just brought my 22nd rolex to celebrate and coincide with my waist size and age. hope that cheers you up.

bookstorerecore wrote
im off to live in catalonia next year, im learning the language now. if things are that bad mate, why dont you pack it all up and come with me. i can translate for us.

eent wrote
i can empathise with you mob, my best mate felt like that yesterday cos he was on a comedown, he had done loads of cocaine. i did it with him, dont know if i should divulge that to the internet but i have tried it before.

hw wrote
if you add the chromosome regeneration with the actual biodes of youre heart against youre mind, you would find that you are not actually upset mob. have 3 sips of water tonight as a treat and to aid sleep.

sneaker 52 wrote
mob if it gets too bad and you do think of killing yourself, could i buy those nikes off of you that you got for 5 pounds in the sale? dibs yeah.

carl lewis wrote
tssssk, llow dat shit blud. mandem man up ya chi chi bludclart.

lurk wrote
sorry to hear you are upset mob, but do you knwo where i can get a supreme thrasher tee in medium and a 5 panel cap.

bayy wrote
chin up mob. imma be passin thru ur endz in a piece. ill pop in with a lil bluuuuunt to cheer you da fuck up. what was ur door number again? \o/

c.v wrote
does that mean im not getting a fucking visit this weekend then dolan. waist of a visiting order plz.

stonefish wrote
i feel like that today mob, i walked all the way to the travel agents to pay some money by western union to a new friend ive met online from nigeria who wants me to invest in his goldmining company, and it was shut. going to have to go all the way back tomorrow.

evers wrote
eat healthier and join the gym and you will feel epic like chinese john in the colindale asian centre.

d4n wrote
you cant possibly feel as bad as i do mob. ive got my birthday party tonight and 20 people are coming and they are all paying for me and everyone of them is bringing a loose bird with them from college so i can pop my cherry. but im not even going to go because i know i will feel a bit quiffy in the morning. that will learn them.

swede wrote
chin up mob, it could be worse. my flat mate is the son of fred west, and he has just had a letter telling him his real father was the yorkshire ripper because his mum rose had an affair with peter sutcliffe years ago. if thats not bad enough, he won the euro millions jackpot but got chilli sauce from his kebab on the ticket and they invalidated it. thats a fact as well. hehehehe.

schtoop wrote
shiiiiiiiit mobbbbbbbbb. thaaaaaaats deeeeeeeeep maaaaaaaaaan.

R wrote
if youre going to explode, make sure you change your underpants afterwards.

doomedyouth wrote
xx–lyke dis if u cry evry time–.xx

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12 May 2012 12:05
Laughing out loud
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12 May 2012 12:07
Laughing out loud
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12 May 2012 12:08
Laughing out loud