General Discussion: What Did You Dream About Last Night?

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17 Feb 2015 22:02
Interesting lucid dream 'fact'.. I was told if you remember to check the time when lucid dreaming it will never display a coherent time and remembered to do it mid-dream. It was an old fashioned digital 24 hour display but all of the numbers looked like 8's. Might of just been my mind making this happen though as a result of being told it happens. Also apparently you can maintain lucidity by spinning on your feet mid-dream. That didn't work
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23 May 2019 17:01
Last night I dreamt that I went out for a sess with MrX, he took me round some trendy village to some bars and then to a like rodeo where we had burgers and fries. We then went back to his dads house. He was super posh and it was like a manor house. Really odd but we had a great night (no homo).
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23 May 2019 17:44
What Laughing out loud
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23 May 2019 23:16
Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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24 May 2019 01:06
Laughing out loud
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28 May 2019 22:40
Laughing out loud

I wish I could have enough sleep to dream, never knew having a kid could be so debilitating.
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29 May 2019 04:02
I’ve just had a boy last month to go with a 2 year old. That is game over for a bit. I have moved into the spare room in the west wing of the house so sleeping well though.