General Discussion: What Does your "Other Half" look like??

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18 Sep 2006 12:58
yep, shame it got killed with all the other first gens by u-first. The incredible bastards.
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1 Nov 2009 13:40
should start this up again, was brilliant Laughing out loud
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1 Nov 2009 13:44
You go first then.
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1 Nov 2009 14:09
Harry Hill
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1 Nov 2009 15:58
We are in the process of breaking up and she used to be blonde with huge boobies(smith can vouch for that) but here you go anyway. Be nice. She is happy in this photo as she got an 'I love fernando Torres' T-shirt & badge and got to be about 2 feet from the man himself.

I can't find photos of her done up on a night out right now though.

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1 Nov 2009 21:22