Menswear: What 'Claire Rayners' Are You Wearing Or Feeling? (pics only)

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9 Feb 2016 12:33
sydneyking wrote: Solebox have done some really great colabs.

First couple of 1500s they did were awesome.
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9 Feb 2016 12:35

Anyone know what these are please?
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9 Feb 2016 12:37
Looks like AJ on the side, so possibly Armani Jeans?
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9 Feb 2016 12:45
Not sure what they are but Google says they're from here:
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9 Feb 2016 13:19
They are Armani Jeans thanks Cstylez
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9 Feb 2016 13:38
Anto wrote: Talking about old CT heads\days, Hikmet from Solebox has been posting pics of all his old collabs on IG, with a bit of the story behind the collabs.
Good old days, when quality and shape was op, collabs were thought, relatively easy to get, worn but above all there was a community and not just a market for sneakers

Yep, now a colab doesn't even have a story behind it - just an excuse to boost sales & profit margin. Colabs every week aswell, it seems. Very boring.

Top 3 off the top of my head -

New Balance 670 x Norse Projects
Adidas Centaur x Hanon Shop
Asics GTII x Hanon Shop