Menswear: What 'Claire Rayners' Are You Wearing Or Feeling? (pics only)

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15 Sep 2015 19:32
Got a pair of fragment converse in black UK 9 for retail plus shipping if anyone is interested
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15 Sep 2015 21:11
I have a pair of the White Fragment Cons in a UK9 that I'll be sending back to Foot Patrol on Friday, will do them for retail (£70) if anyone wants them.
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posted 16 Sep 2015 21:42, edited 16 Sep 2015 21:42
Where the fuck do SNS get charging £7 for a UK 3-10 day delivery via FedEx from?? Is there such a slack shipping option FedEx provide? Might aswell send them second class recorded for less. And they charged £4 more than anyone else for the vans x w taps I ordered on the day, Robbin buggers on both counts but still not as bad as DSM.

Mini rant over.

Couldn't get on with the frag cons myself, backed them, fit weird for me, a little bit narrow.
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16 Sep 2015 22:16
Flyknit Oreos full size run up on size for those who still want them
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17 Sep 2015 06:18
^ Cool copped.
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17 Sep 2015 08:03
Just when I buy a pair off ebay last week…
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17 Sep 2015 08:31
what cons are these?

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17 Sep 2015 09:14
anyone interested in the nikexACORNYM AF1 Hanon still seem to have a full size run….everywhere else sold to
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posted 17 Sep 2015 09:38, edited 17 Sep 2015 09:38
schtoop wrote: what cons are these?

Hideout cons aren't they?
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17 Sep 2015 10:00
they look like the 1970s play cons to me.

and speaking of those, does anyone know where to find stock of the play chucks (not the 1970s)?
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17 Sep 2015 11:39
Toe box too pointy and shiny to be the Hideouts.
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17 Sep 2015 11:47
rubens right, they're play but still 70s.
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17 Sep 2015 12:34
Always liked them but they are a bit bait

Am I missing something with the fragment cons? They look like kids shoes, the padded bit Sick!
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17 Sep 2015 13:42
sure i saw something like them recently in the hambledon but without the stupid love heart. looked really nice.
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17 Sep 2015 20:57
Cheers, they need to just make an all white pair
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17 Sep 2015 21:04;=item487fb55b0e
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17 Sep 2015 21:57
joeyjojo wrote: What does everyone think to the Tubulars? Wanna cop the high top prime knits

One of the best shapes out there at the moment i think. Fit quite wide compare to nikes i find!
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18 Sep 2015 10:27
How limited is the spezial line being released tomorrow gonna be?
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18 Sep 2015 11:01
schtoop wrote: Cheers, they need to just make an all white pair

On it's way, next couple of months. All White Hi and Low 70's.
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posted 18 Sep 2015 11:36, edited 18 Sep 2015 11:36
picked up a pair of the ultra boost wooly ones from offspring yesterday. Best so far