Menswear: What 'Claire Rayners' Are You Wearing Or Feeling? (pics only)

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26 Jul 2020 21:57
Cool, thanks, need a 44 myself then.

I wanted to try a pair for a while now but didn't know how they fit. Nice to hear they're good quality and comfy…love the style but couldn't see myself wearing\buying Margielas
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27 Jul 2020 15:22
Anyone ever had nonnative dweller trainers? TTS?
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28 Jul 2020 16:12
New summer golf shoes.

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29 Jul 2020 15:49
Gaps Puattro wrote: Ouchie. Tough crowd Laughing out loud

what do these actually feel like to wear? I'm genuinely curious
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29 Jul 2020 19:32
Golf shoes are cool, hope they’re more comfortable than regular AM97’s
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30 Jul 2020 22:14
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31 Jul 2020 03:56
Davinho wrote: Golf shoes are cool, hope they’re more comfortable than regular AM97’s

Agree on 97’s being one of the least comfy shoes, thankfully the golf one feel really soft with more padding.
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1 Aug 2020 07:15
Considering these for summer beaters
Anyone comment on sizing?
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1 Aug 2020 18:47
they fit small, go a size up
bruk wrote: Considering these for summer beaters
Anyone comment on sizing?
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1 Aug 2020 19:04
I went half a size up and they fit well
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2 Aug 2020 06:48
Cheers both
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posted 2 Aug 2020 13:23, edited 2 Aug 2020 13:23

Recent wears

Vomero 4’s
Gaps Puattro
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posted 7 Aug 2020 13:18, edited 7 Aug 2020 13:18

Feels like you’re suspended from the back…like you're on a gimble Smiling, but as soon as you start moving the zoom air units coordinate brilliantly sending their energy return backwards through the solid plate so you don’t feel like your heel actually makes any contact with the floor at all, it’s a totally unique feeling and gives maximum comfort and a good amount of stability/traction.

They’re very well constructed, definitely not your run-of-the-mill Nike’s quality-wise and feel like they could take a pounding even though they look like they couldn't.

The tabi toes were weird for the first 10 mins, haven't used the socks provided as I’ve still got a bunch of split toed Nike Air Rift socks and they’re fine with these too. The uppers are cosy-comfy, kinda remind me of my old AM94's when Nike used to do their stiffer caged bootie styles:

Cons: They’re pretty heavy, the elasticated collar (like most knitted uppers) makes them initially tricky to put on but I’m sure that’ll loosen with wear. Hope that helps.

Totally Marmite - I geddit but I'm also old enough to remember when Nike took risks and OG 180 Runners/Prestos/Seismics/Havens/Huarache weighed-down sales racks because people were just a little confused.
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7 Aug 2020 14:33
Interesting post Cool
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8 Aug 2020 20:16
Cool yep
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9 Aug 2020 18:55
Won end raffle for both pink and blue bape wallabees in uk8 if anyone's interested before I send back
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posted 10 Aug 2020 22:27, edited 10 Aug 2020 22:27
I'm potentially looking to do some research around buying/selling sneakers online.

Any fukers got access to decent sneakerhead/streetwear/reseller type groups/audience where a survey (or surveys) could be circulated? Or can recommend places? Would appreciate any support/access. May potentially be a pair of brand new Yeezys for a random winner.
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13 Aug 2020 07:14
Anyone cop the silver Js?
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13 Aug 2020 09:14
ismvil wrote: Anyone cop the silver Js?

Not feeling these Js possibly the weakest J1 release this from Jordan.

Hoping to cop the 4D Ultra Boost
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13 Aug 2020 11:25
sodomgomorra wrote:
Whatever happened to those natural egret 70's conies. Can't find them stocked anywhere this season.

Hi’s restocked here so suspect there will be lows available somewhere…