Menswear: What 'Claire Rayners' Are You Wearing Or Feeling? (pics only)

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29 Nov 2020 17:50
schtoop wrote: fucking hell was not expecting that, literally every hype store completely sold out, cheers mate

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30 Nov 2020 21:23
I'm a uk 10 in Nike, Vans, NB - would I be the same in these Y3?
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5 Dec 2020 23:31
TheTiger wrote: I took an L on those dunks at End too. I don’t think I’ve ever won an online raffle.

Got a W on the Yeezy Breds Cool Cool
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9 Dec 2020 16:47
Never heard of Flower mountain but quite like these
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9 Dec 2020 18:04
Their danner collabs are nice too
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10 Dec 2020 20:04
They do some decent looking trainers, never heard of them either!
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15 Dec 2020 08:28
Another L in a draw, only got one pair in years now and that pair i didnt really even want.
Anyone get the stussy AF1s?
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15 Dec 2020 08:52
Didn’t even try, though oddly I got the goldenrods without being notified I’d got them. I’m backing them though unless anyone wants them in a UK10?
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16 Dec 2020 10:49
Anyone want a pair of the infra AM 90’s for retail, size 9.5 let me know before I return to mr.p. £130 +postage
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17 Dec 2020 18:34

Proper scally
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17 Dec 2020 18:37
Been waiting for them to come up on snkrs now I know why they haven't come up yet
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17 Dec 2020 18:52
I wish I’d kept mine over the years. Think I sold my 2013 one’s in here for like £60.

Made my own the other day. Should be here soon

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17 Dec 2020 18:56
Copped a pair from Afew this morning, should arrive Monday. Last pair of neon 95s I bought was 25 years ago Oops
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posted 19 Dec 2020 09:54, edited 19 Dec 2020 09:54
Air Zoom Terra Kiger - picked these up back in August for under 60 bar via the Nike App, so comfortable…
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19 Dec 2020 17:24
Havin those
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19 Dec 2020 23:12
Colours are a bit too feminine imo
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20 Dec 2020 00:59
A couple more raffles I won though clearly I’m only winning the ones that no one wants Smiling managed to pickup the neon 95s from SNS and the Desert Taupe Yeezys from Adidas today.

Annoyingly the only ones I really wanted this month were the Ambush dunks and Jordan Mochas and I didn’t get so much as a sniff.
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20 Dec 2020 07:07
If the 95s are 8.5 and you don’t get on with them I’ll have them off you!!
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20 Dec 2020 14:54
Having a fucking laugh aint ya?
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20 Dec 2020 17:42
Burt wrote: Air Zoom Terra Kiger - picked these up back in August for under 60 bar via the Nike App, so comfortable…

Lovely those.