Menswear: What 'Claire Rayners' Are You Wearing Or Feeling? (pics only)

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9 Jul 2021 19:56
Anto wrote: 990v5 personally are the worst of the series, that plastic bit ruins them for me. v3 and v4 my personal favourite. Shame for those red bits on the recent v1 reissue, and upcoming v2

v6 out in 2022 looks good from the few pics i've seen so far.

Just got a 992 in navy btw and proportions look good, not too chunky imo

I know what you mean on the red, I’ve been looking for a pair of v1 but the red has put me off. I’m still tempted though now Gizmo mentioned they’re cheaper through Kith.

I seem to have ended up with more v4 at the moment and still haven’t got any in the classic grey:

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9 Jul 2021 20:14
Stussy LE huarache. Size up for sure
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10 Jul 2021 12:56
seenmy wrote: anyone use stockx to buy? how does it work with imports etc? want to get some kith 990 v3, also the stussy le how did people find the sizing?

Normally a size US11 in Nikes and I went with a US11.5. I have narrow feet and they fit perfectly.
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posted 18 Jul 2021 07:17, edited 18 Jul 2021 07:17
What was the verdict on the Artisan labs BBalls quality wise, and sizing…

I'm tempted to purchase the black CW

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18 Jul 2021 07:41
Never actually opened mine. Will take a look later and report back Laughing out loud
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19 Jul 2021 09:31
For the price you can't argue, they're not CP level or even suitsupply but then thats not the point as they're half the price of CP's. Perfect beater Bballs and save your cps' 'for best'
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19 Jul 2021 09:48
dunno, thought the quality was very good!!!
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29 Jul 2021 07:26
Anyone get lucky with the parra sb dunks?
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29 Jul 2021 09:13
Got a pair of NB990v5, Grey in a UK11 that I may be shifting for under retail as they have sat in my cupboard for over a year! PM if interested. Sizing seemed to be a different from the V4; could be the toebox is narrower.
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11 Aug 2021 08:51
Anyone else get lucky on the Nike off white dunks?
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posted 11 Aug 2021 09:06, edited 11 Aug 2021 09:06
I did yesterday, my missus and brother did today. Looking online it seems everyman and his dog is getting them. Need to find out what lot numbers we all have asap so i can dutty them on stockX. Apparently this is only day 3 of 12 that they are giving people EA to get them.
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11 Aug 2021 09:42
Ahhhhh ok, I only copped to dutty myself so I’ll see what turns up
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11 Aug 2021 11:05
How do you get the dunks? Did I miss a sign up? Actually quite like some of the more neutral ones!
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11 Aug 2021 13:09
It’s via the SNKRS app, you get sent an invite to purchase them
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11 Aug 2021 13:25
Should have got the bookends for a big resell
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posted 11 Aug 2021 20:58, edited 11 Aug 2021 20:58

Last pick up - ACG Nasu 2
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11 Aug 2021 21:46
They look great, although they’re acg without the tech
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13 Aug 2021 08:12
Any Ws on the Cactus Fragments?
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13 Aug 2021 08:36
No luck here
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13 Aug 2021 09:49
Slept in and forgot Laughing out loud