Menswear: Whats every chief wearing about you aka What we wore 6 months ago and now dislike

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17 Mar 2019 10:59
They all started appearing in January, so I suppose they were an easy no-brainer Christmas present. Still, the management are so stupid they probably don't know what they are.

Most girls (some men?) be getting away with having them in all day if their hair is down.
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posted 17 Mar 2019 11:10, edited 17 Mar 2019 11:10
Combo of:
- As YLAup said, Christmas pressies
- Cool/status thing
- But most importantly, your general punter is lazy. When they decide they want BT headphones they just go with what is familiar. Apple is familiar/safe. They're not looking for headphones to play FLAC, they're looking for convenience. E C O S Y S T E M.
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17 Mar 2019 12:04
Don't forget the same people were using the wired ones for music already
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17 Mar 2019 13:14
Saw maybe 30 plus of these in central yesterday. Dreadful.

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17 Mar 2019 18:25
Yea, shit loads of DSquared2 caps about, at least 50% of them have gotta be moody
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17 Mar 2019 18:57
Seeing a lot of chest bags and champion stuff in the past year.