Menswear: Whats every chief wearing about you aka What we wore 6 months ago and now dislike

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27 Nov 2007 18:53
Bit of a bag job but he looks a hundred times better than everyone else in this thread.

Another thing I saw today was huge baggy tracksuit bottoms with tiny topman plims.
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27 Nov 2007 19:19
Best wrote: Laughing out loud


this is hilarious - love 15 year olds

Some slag on Bebo wrote: DATS FUCKIN MASSIF..Eye-wink !..XXXXXXXX

(no paedo)
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27 Nov 2007 19:52
In Great Yarmouth its

Distressed jeans with stripy jumpers (usually in groups of 3 or 4, the only difference in outfits being the colours of the jumper).

Ridiculously white K-Swiss trainers

Playboy anything and everything.

Massive Cubic Zirconia earrings, rings, necklaces, belt buckles.

Fake uggs and cheap skinnies.

Its a classy place Laughing out loud
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28 Nov 2007 02:35
on the welsh coast it's either:

for boys sports team / uni hoody with rank pale blue topman jeans which have tattered and frayed around the heel, stan smiths/cons for crepe

for the girls its middle class mild rebellion hippy shit inscense stick or pajama bottoms and manky dirty uni hoodies.

you get the odd indieboy who thinks he's the bollocks as well in his vintage'D tee shirt and aviators.
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28 Nov 2007 11:20
robii wrote: He stood out for me too. Proper Limahl going on there

there is a girl at work, with a mum who looks exactly like that.
& she even has a moustache!
this is just too perfect.

Laughing out loud
suck your mum
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28 Nov 2007 11:40
Best wrote:

At least the dude has some style though. I think he looks quite dapper.
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28 Nov 2007 18:18
i love proper characters like that
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29 Nov 2007 22:18
I've seen several trapper hats today in Essex.
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18 Dec 2007 21:30
Own up, who was wearing a trapper hat with Diors around the North Lanes at about 4 today?
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18 Dec 2007 21:35
man, woman and child plastered in BENCH Sick!
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18 Dec 2007 21:35

I have started seeing more and more chav girls rockin' the rich girl on a rest day look/sloane, (A&F joggers, Uggs, Ralph cable knit sweat, messy hair ect)
the chav girls version knock off uggs, with badly fitting cheapo skinnies or nike marl joggers, hoodies that say 'lifeguard', their name on the back or just some shitty bar stripe lecoqsportif sweater obbbbbbviously worn with layes and layers of fake tan, or rank coloured foundation making them tango tastical!
Programmes like living on the edge are only fuelling these shitters!!!!!!!
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18 Dec 2007 21:38
Double D wrote: Own up, who was wearing a trapper hat with Diors around the North Lanes at about 4 today?

Laughing out loud Brighton's always great for fun dressers.
Double D
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18 Dec 2007 22:04
Only the second pair of Diors I've seen here… don't see much good denim about apart from Edwins.

Kinda prefer it that way, too many people with more spending power than me in London. Saw my first pair of Skytops that weren't mine the other day in Niketown.
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18 Dec 2007 22:13
ive never seen any diors in brighton, fair amount of edwin though since it started being stocked all over the place.
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18 Dec 2007 22:23
Most cunts in my neck of the woods are looking like this…

(complete with grey track bottoms and fred perry plims)

I'm actually sort of scared by them cause they all huddle together and own every different colour of fred perry polo. It's scary…

These polo's were good like a year ago, but then they got ruined, like most good stuff that isnt 300pound plus these days!
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18 Dec 2007 22:25
i still like fred perry polos. totally depends how you wear them though innit. those sorts of cunts (above) are everywhere tho and it's not restricted to fred perry.
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18 Dec 2007 22:26
Fred perry polo's are timeless imo
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18 Dec 2007 22:28
No David 4, them polos weren't 'good like a year ago'. They are a classic wardrobe staple that will never go out of fashion. Put the collar down, take off the silly hat and a buy a size up and it ain't the worst I've ever seen.
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18 Dec 2007 22:31
I've never seen any diors around leeds or manchester. Only pair i'd seen are my mates, and he lurks here, and got a pair around the same time i did.

I see way too many river island leather jackets round here too, circa 2002 style biker jackets with the stripes
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18 Dec 2007 22:31
isnt that the most infamous fuk'er ever???