Menswear: Whats every chief wearing about you aka What we wore 6 months ago and now dislike

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13 Nov 2012 18:21
Nothing else about women is a mystery to you though, I'd imagine
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13 Nov 2012 18:35
I know enough to find my way around.
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13 Nov 2012 18:36
would show real leather
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13 Nov 2012 18:37
also what is it with the noncey pictures on this page? stop it

edit; last page. thank fuck
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16 Nov 2012 15:36
Had lunch opposite a very big school today (csb) and noticed that all kids, male and female, aged 10 - 14 are wearing AF1 here in Milan; rate is 8 out of 10. No pikey shoe here…

Older lads, 15 - 18, are all on coloured suede Blazers or any kind of shitty Air Max sold in Foot Locker

Then, it's all about Blazers again but Hogans get involved Sick!
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28 Nov 2012 02:16
lol those fucking hogans eh mate
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2 Dec 2012 16:36
saw a couple of people walking through town in these

topman said it's cool or something?
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2 Dec 2012 16:42
It's taken a while but in my part of Scotland I am seeing waves and waves of banter boys wearing puma clydes and nike blazers, hardly ever see an air max.
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2 Dec 2012 17:24
quest wrote: saw a couple of people walking through town in these

topman said it's cool or something?

Joey Essex wears them. Saw two people wearing in McDonalds at 10.30 this morning, one in blue, one in pink
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2 Dec 2012 17:36
what the fuck Jawdropping!
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2 Dec 2012 17:42
wearing onsies is standard within the legions of hollyoaks watching student joey wannabe's
team with any c/w of blazers and oversize twat beanies ftw
witnessed in Leeds several times, makes me hate the universe
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2 Dec 2012 19:07
tom wrote: Its not a striking statement if I were to say that if I took a trip out into town tonight Id be swarmed with seas of Peacoat wearing office monkeys or grimacing youths in low slung grey marl track bottoms, but what are the other staple garms of the common cloned man that are getting on your nerves?

its the way people wear tracksuit bottoms that set me off. if you want to be comfortable then fine but at least be presentable!
kid unknown
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2 Dec 2012 19:12
girls in olive green parkas with fur hoods.
Double D
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3 Dec 2012 11:15
Fucking hell, parkas in winter Laughing out loud
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3 Dec 2012 11:27
read title of thread
Von Sextron
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3 Dec 2012 12:43
more and more of these hats popping up

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3 Dec 2012 12:59
6thEdition wrote:
YLAup wrote:
Serbia wrote: loads of normal bods in my office sitting in meetings wearing scarves in doors

Laughing out loud

Girls - fat, thin, tall, small, young or old wearing these olive/green jackets with black pleather arms. Fucking everywhere. This years Barbour craze.

think they sell it in primark. see at least 5 people a day in it when im about

Yes, lass at work says they sell a version of it in all the high street shops now. Shocker etc.

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3 Dec 2012 13:02
girls buying same high street clothes shocker
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3 Dec 2012 13:07
Same. Either olive fishtail parka's, those pleather jackets or some fake fur coat.
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3 Dec 2012 13:11
My GF's mate sent her one from ASOS with studs across the shoulders. She said it was one of their bestsellers two months ago. Personally, I like it.
Girls clothing should be exempt from this thread IMO.