Menswear: Whats every chief wearing about you aka What we wore 6 months ago and now dislike

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6 Nov 2007 22:07
saw this guy (on the right) wearing some killer ankle swinger boot cuts and k-swiss Cool

Mr X
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6 Nov 2007 22:46
I've just seen this and it makes me furious. I'm not full of shit and I don't get exposed, I'm quite honest and open about anything. Jealous - YES I most definitely am of some FUKers WAYWTs. Who isn't? Jealous of you and your £3 Nike Windbreaker, holes in jeans and Nike trainers No. Hater no. Never once have I said I was affluent or a jetsetter, I don't even intimate it, you assumed it.

Fashion from the concrete to the catwalk indeed. I have a feeling it's in your bones unfortunately - the head is often full of cement.

You can't take criticism intwined with a mild joke at all.

Noble Locks wrote: dont bother dope, so dont bother. like you keep saying, im well old, and let me tell you this, people doing well never go into their overdraft for rent, petrol or going out, its there for being theres sake, only people living above their means would need to.
you are so full of shit, you give out jealous hater comments and when you get exposed you defend yourself that you aint a jealous hater by making out you are some jet setting rich cunt with a super business. well fuck you pal, i shit all over you (no dan rides bikes bird), and that is a bonafide stonewall FACT. .
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6 Nov 2007 23:15
i hate the way nokia boy always quotes then writes his comment above the quote.
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6 Nov 2007 23:15
such a random point to make Laughing out loud
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6 Nov 2007 23:23
saw my first trapper hat today. woop woop!
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6 Nov 2007 23:25
Bought a tartan one last year but never worn it yet.
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6 Nov 2007 23:34
Mine is just waiting to be worn , proper full on furry one Laughing out loud
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6 Nov 2007 23:59
Seriously, this thread needs pics. Pics = points, points = prizes
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7 Nov 2007 10:35
I saw some propper fur trapper hats in Canada, but they looked silly on, like a beaver was sitting on your head, and I can't condone real fur.
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7 Nov 2007 10:44
Ive noticed a few people wearing jeans with fake honeycombs on the backs of the knees and around the front pockets and have to say it looks really bad
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7 Nov 2007 14:05
I see a crap load of "distressed" double t-shirts, usually oldglory/henley. Washed out jeans that drag on the floor and ruin the back. Stan smiths, kswiss, and those topman plimsoles.
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7 Nov 2007 16:00
Its a myth that Tokyoites all dress well.

Some train lines are better than others. The Keio line is packed with Jap trash. Yankees (all white tracksuit, jap traditional geta clogs, sunnies and slicked back blonde hair) /uni students(surfer sweatshirt, cheap edwin jeans and bad sneakers from ABC mart) drone salary men (white socks, loafers and gray suits, not so bad actually) and Bon Jovi look a likes with bootcut jeans, pointy shoes, cheap jewelry and an overdone belt.

Tokyuu line is better. Saw around 5 Visvim Ecats this week on that line.
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8 Nov 2007 14:52
Indie/emo kids with jeans too low showing their arses and t-shirts that aren't long enough. Annoys the hell out of me

Deck shoes or whatever they are called
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8 Nov 2007 16:23
trilby hats.. usually worn by someone who wants to be docherty with a tie on but undone, thinking they're all that and a bag of chips.. gets my goat…
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8 Nov 2007 17:45
So are cardigans/plain t shirt not ok now? I get the feeling if they are Dior its ok though Eye-wink
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8 Nov 2007 19:51
While I'm at uni in Leeds I get sick of the sight of guys wearing:

Oversized beanie
Plain white..tee/vest
black leather jacket
grey nike joggers
FLIP FLOPS, or battered plims

or if it's night time and time to attract the fiiine poontang then it's:

Henley's tee (any design as long as it's small enough to show how stacked you are when pushing your chest out)
G stars
still plims or flip flops.

GIRLS, biggest backcombed raa raa bonce you can get, pj bottoms, oversized uni/a+f hoody and ugg boots. I've started seeing guys creep into the uggs recently too.
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8 Nov 2007 20:17
Leeds is bad for raa-scum, they're everywhere. Theres a bunch of guys who wear ralph lauren shirt, chino's and boat shoes
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8 Nov 2007 20:34
eent wrote: Leeds is bad for raa-scum, they're everywhere. Theres a bunch of guys who wear ralph lauren shirt, chino's and boat shoes

I think that kind of aspirational Americana look can be great but sometimes it's not what you wear but how you wear it, eh?
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8 Nov 2007 20:37
guys in uggs Jawdropping!
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8 Nov 2007 20:56
Homer wrote: guys in uggs Jawdropping!

You would look cute in a pair homer!