Menswear: The Sales Thread!! Start Dates Store Info And Bargainlicious Pick Ups!!

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9 Jan 2012 14:31
TheConductor wrote: COS made further reductions last week but they're maximum reduction is 50%, so most of the 30% reductions went to 50% off. Some new items were added to the sales as well.

I've had 70% off at COS before
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9 Jan 2012 14:33
Noble Locks wrote: oh is that how it works then yeah. thats some good detective work there bruv.
dont think thats too many with that sort of sale though is it?
would of guessed 2 to 3k a day at a store that popular.
same with mywardrobe.

Not sure about that one really, I have no idea how these online retailers work, but it wouldn't surprise me if they use some kind of ticketing system, where when you place an order a ticket is generated and moved through different departments, etc. So your order number is your ticket number within their internal system.

The ticketing system they use is probably used for other things as well, like account creations, email reminders for passwords, IT problems, emails in, telephone conversations, etc.

Probably not the way it works though Laughing out loud
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9 Jan 2012 15:07
schtoop wrote: is there a white ralph custom fit oxford anywhere in the sales for £60? can't find a large

I have one I've worn twice if you want it? Bought it from ASOS in the summer for around £100. Yours for £50 shipped. Apologies if I'm not supposed to post this in here.
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9 Jan 2012 15:33
APC Sale just starts in 2 days.
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9 Jan 2012 15:33
According to a email I have just received, apc is in 2 days time.
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9 Jan 2012 15:39
Princess Di just text me saying APC sale is starting 2 days online.
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9 Jan 2012 16:50
More lines added at UO
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9 Jan 2012 16:52
carl lewis wrote: More lines added at UO
Sites down for maintenance.
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9 Jan 2012 16:58

I was going to post that here, but I had a look about 20 minutes after recieving email, there was very few new sale items or further reductions.
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9 Jan 2012 22:29
LazyBoy09 wrote:
antonio_pt wrote:
sexonfabric wrote: Only one thing in my wish list made it to 70%…disappointing.

Assume there will be further additions?

Some bloke on SF says this is the last week of sales and there'll be no further reductions.

maybe a discount code after two weeks but nothing more.

What's the likelihood of this? Want something thats full price.
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10 Jan 2012 00:53
seems to be some further markdowns at present
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10 Jan 2012 02:42
Any decent swim shorts anywhere? (No short short shorts/No verging on three quarter length long long shorts)
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10 Jan 2012 06:29
I thought the talk on the SF site was in reference to the USA Porter site which is now at 80%.
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10 Jan 2012 08:42

Por Vocacao - up to 50%
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10 Jan 2012 09:14
mrporter seem to have had a restock of a few bits since I looked lasted night.
Just dropped lucky and grab a bstore x liberty item that had sold out at 50%, and now down to 70%.
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10 Jan 2012 10:08
Yoox reduced / or is now reducing the next round of mark-downs (most items in my dreambox have gone down)
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10 Jan 2012 10:12
does matches go 80 % off?
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10 Jan 2012 10:20
With a free shipping code, this in Large is decent for £35 (it says £39, but when you select it it changes to £35).
I have this shirt, and it is nice and thick.
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10 Jan 2012 10:29
ilikeashirt wrote: I have this shirt, and it is nice

You would say that.
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10 Jan 2012 10:31
ilikeashirt wrote: I must have shit taste.