Menswear: The Sales Thread!! Start Dates Store Info And Bargainlicious Pick Ups!!

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28 Jan 2013 21:34
There were plenty of Lanvin items. Almost 35 pages of sale items earlier today. Luckily I managed to log in just when it all started and got a Burberry Coat at 80% off amongst many other things. My bank account pretty much empty now. Cry

But then again you don't get this sort of a sale often.
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28 Jan 2013 21:39
Porter ended the sale with a bang Ubercool Just hope they're not playing the oops, out of stock game - happened to me several times .. Sad
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28 Jan 2013 22:04
Be glad when the sales are over and normal service resumes.
carl lewis
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28 Jan 2013 22:16
Last day
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28 Jan 2013 23:17
snaye wrote: Be glad when the sales are over and normal service resumes.

Mildly amusing though watching people fight over the dregs.
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28 Jan 2013 23:18
When take extra sale stuff dropped today I wouldnt call it dregs. You had to be quick though.
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28 Jan 2013 23:20
Vazza wrote: Mildly amusing though watching people fight over the dregs.

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29 Jan 2013 00:53
Laughing out loud

Anyone seen this in a small in the sales?
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29 Jan 2013 11:47
Anyone returned anything to Cos using the prepaid label? My post office wouldn't accept it :-s
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29 Jan 2013 11:49
I have, woman was confused. She sent it off though , not had a refund yet mind!

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29 Jan 2013 11:56
I did. You have to pay for it it seems. But get on the blower to COS and they will refund the postal costs if you forward them a photo of the PO receipt. At least that's what they did for me.
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29 Jan 2013 12:01
People at my post office were confused about it but in the end did send it off and it got through fine.
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29 Jan 2013 12:08
Used the free postage with cos a few times with no hassle. Takes a while for the refund to come through though.
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29 Jan 2013 12:10
joe6886 wrote: Used the free postage with cos a once with no hassle. Takes a while for the refund to come through though.
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29 Jan 2013 12:11
Post office took mine before and you shouldn't have to pay anything.

Takes fucking ages to get your refund though.
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29 Jan 2013 12:19
yeah, you shouldn't have to pay anything…, that's the point of a pre-paid label. the last return i made left me standing there for about 15 minutes as they tried to figure out what to do. in the end she put it through as priority international mail and then deducted the cost from a charge. most of the time there's no problem, but they could make it a little more straight forward. refund situation is a joke. it used to be 21 days, now it's gone up to 30 and it looks like they take the full 30 days as well. i'm still waiting on about £200 back Evil
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29 Jan 2013 14:07
Up to 90% off old stock on Oki Ni, mainly for the uncommon sized fuker -
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29 Jan 2013 14:18
Any NB 998/997s on sale anywhere?
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29 Jan 2013 20:59
Last round of reductions
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30 Jan 2013 20:46
Anyone looking for a seriously nice cycling/ day to day waterproof should head to Condor Cycles in London, they've got Mission Workshop Orion's going for £268 but they don't have many left - discount instore but not online.

They're made with c-change fabric, which expands and contracts to suit the temperature of the wearer so as you get hotter, it loosens up becoming more breathable, and as you get cold tightens again trapping air. Design is nice, suitable for everyday wear without looking like a dork.