Menswear: The Sales Thread!! Start Dates Store Info And Bargainlicious Pick Ups!!

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7 Jan 2014 16:51
Can't actually criticise Hanon in the end. My order turned up and was correct - just the tracking number they gave me was all wrong and incorrect. Good times.
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7 Jan 2014 16:51
Anyone know if RO London is in sale?
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7 Jan 2014 17:07
jwool wrote: Anyone know if RO London is in sale?
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posted 7 Jan 2014 20:32, edited 7 Jan 2014 20:32
they will refund your postage if you moan @ Goldie
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posted 7 Jan 2014 20:45, edited 7 Jan 2014 20:45
I've had some funny experiences during this sale period with a few companies. I too put an order in with COS, dropped them an email last Saturday enquiring to see if there was a problem with it as it hadn't been dispatched. They replied with an apology and refunded me the postage out of goodwill by Monday morning Cool

Ordered something from Stone Island's sale and received the wrong order. Contacted them, they apologised, arranged collection of the incorrect order, sent the correct order to me and proceeded to refund me my original postage costs as a way of an apology.

Mientus (German online store) on the other hand were complete jokers. I ordered on the 19th December, waited until last Friday and still hadn't heard anything, so I dropped them an email. They replied Monday morning with an email subject "Tracking Nr." and the content of the email was a line of 12 digits. Tried to track it on DHL and it didn't even work Laughing out loud Not too fussed as it arrived this morning though.

I understand that there's an influx of orders over the holiday period, because of sales and then there's store/office/courier closures too. But surely these companies hire extra staff to deal with the load? When I used to work in retail, Size? and Dogfish, we always increased the staff during the Christmas/New Year holidays and sale periods, even if it meant part-timers doing extra shifts etc. Surely these online companies should be doing the same?
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8 Jan 2014 07:46
Apc and nextdoor on
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8 Jan 2014 15:08
Acne has started
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8 Jan 2014 15:37
Menlook have quite a lot of stuff on atm

These look quality - never had experience with APC footwear
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8 Jan 2014 16:55
hanon order finally turned up, just over two weeks Laughing out loud
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8 Jan 2014 16:56
apc footwear are good, got a could of pairs of boots.
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8 Jan 2014 17:06
MoB wrote: apc footwear are good except the ones with crepe sole
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8 Jan 2014 17:53
skuxxil wrote: hanon order finally turned up, just over two weeks Laughing out loud

I've only just received my shipping confirmation.
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8 Jan 2014 17:59
hanon are jokers, have been for years.
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8 Jan 2014 18:21
I haven't ordered from them for ages, but I'll not be in any hurry to order from them again.
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9 Jan 2014 11:04
RRL up to 65% discount. Additional 20$ off when you spend 100$, 50$ when you spend 200$, 150$ when you spend 500$.
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9 Jan 2014 12:32
I've ordered from Hanon on the 28th of December and I didn't received any shipping confirmation yet. When it says that the order is "processed", what does that mean? Already shipped or it is not packed yet?
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10 Jan 2014 11:49
hanon update - called 3 days ago, "theyll be sent out tomorrow" , called today "theyll be sent out tomorrow probably …backlog….blahblahblah" told them i wouldnt be in this country for 5 months and that they should change the address for me, got told no haha utter shite
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10 Jan 2014 13:25
Got my order yesterdy, one item is too small so need to return it. Trying to use the returns part of the website but it's not fucking working properly so going to have to phone them again. This really is becoming a joke
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12 Jan 2014 08:24
Mr Porter - 70%
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12 Jan 2014 09:24
Mr Porter now at 70%…