Menswear: The where can I get this from? thread

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22 Oct 2013 20:14
He is on a sabbatical
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23 Oct 2013 00:14
Anywhere I can get a Longchamp Le Pliage Shopping bag L at a better price than direct from Longchamp or at Harrods or Selfridges?

(no homo)
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23 Oct 2013 01:50
@ Heath. same theme
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23 Oct 2013 10:00
Anyone able to I.D the parka that Rage is wearing
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23 Oct 2013 10:27
swede wrote: like that gant bomber Cool
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23 Oct 2013 10:36
Heath wrote: Does anyone know where I can get a plain version of a jersey top like this?

Albam? 3 different colours…
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23 Oct 2013 12:08
who was selling the Prada black ski jacket in the classifieds, cant find it anywhere (stupid search function)
edit: if it helps the seller was selling two of the jackets, think they were around 70-90 price range
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24 Oct 2013 21:50
doug. wrote:
thanks a lot mate

These will be restocked next month.

All fukers are good for a 10% discount. Drop me an email with your fuk username and I will set you up a code. Cool
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24 Oct 2013 21:56
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24 Oct 2013 22:08
size up 1 on that albam, no difference chest or armwise but a bit longer which is always my gripe with Albam
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24 Oct 2013 22:26
cant find that albam on the site Sad
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24 Oct 2013 23:14
Was in the sale section, might be sold out now,
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26 Oct 2013 17:34
black slim fit hoodie, good quality, like the dior one someone was selling
a rain coat with hood but with a bit of length round the 200-250 mark.
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28 Oct 2013 19:56
slim/tapered trackies/jogging bottoms that aren't made of jersey and are made of some kind of nylon shiny stuff, you know what i mean.

do these things even exist?
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31 Oct 2013 10:34
looking for a black tech jacket/coat like gylenhaal has in prisoners, can't really afford veilance/acronym money so was wondering if anyone has any cheaper suggestions… cheers. something like this:

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31 Oct 2013 12:18
Nike white label


This Rick

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31 Oct 2013 12:21
Wenger does fashion
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31 Oct 2013 12:32
Laughing out loud terrible
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31 Oct 2013 12:37
shralp-lad wrote: cant find that albam on the site Sad

Still available in white, only in key ring size 0 avatar

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31 Oct 2013 22:03
Where can I find red shirt like that, or very similiar (not expensive tho)