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30 Aug 2014 10:48
Cheers for the varsities mate, might go for that MKI one, sleeves look a little shiny though.

eazypz wrote: Anywhere doing grey waffle long sleeve tee's anywhere? Round or henley necks are fine

Found these on Uniqlo if anyone is interested.
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3 Sep 2014 08:13
My mates looking for this. Anywhere got it cheaper?
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3 Sep 2014 15:16
anyone can recommend a place to get those suede tassels to replace the ones on the flaps of visvim fbt?
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9 Sep 2014 19:00
Anyone got any idea where to get longer vests ala Rick, only want to spend £30 tops on each.
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9 Sep 2014 19:10
Topman have got a section of longer length tees and vests
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10 Sep 2014 00:25
looking for a grid/windowpane double duvet cover but cant find em, any suggestions? preferably in b/w.
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10 Sep 2014 08:31
Where can i get replacement laces for Vis Virgils ?
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10 Sep 2014 09:52
Cheers eazypz
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10 Sep 2014 11:19
Mookie_blaylock wrote: Do any of our resident Bape headz have any info on this sweat/tee?

That's the College paint logo from a few years ago now i think.
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11 Sep 2014 18:51
can anyone link me some legit nbhd effectors? thanks
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14 Sep 2014 22:20
Where can I get something similar to these ann dems without the £400 price tag?;=chk_bp_pic
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posted 14 Sep 2014 22:27, edited 14 Sep 2014 22:27
Need this shirt without the two pockets. Anyone seen anything similar?

Edit. I know a striped shirt isn't hard to find, but trying to get it as close to that one above (a more worn in look).
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posted 14 Sep 2014 22:44, edited 14 Sep 2014 22:44
anyone know if i can find these nikes anywhere?

never mind cnt post insta links on here apparently
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16 Sep 2014 22:52
A decent pair of track trainers along the lines of Valentino, AMI etc? Not seen a pair from either of those i like this season
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16 Sep 2014 23:40
This or a similar black denim jacket, like the visvim 101 or levis type 2
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21 Sep 2014 09:05
collegiate/ivy league style printed crewneck in green (not olive, looking for a forest green), a la wtaps. not a fan of their designs unfortunately.

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21 Sep 2014 09:32
only just moved in and accidentally left a present very late, anyone know where in London I could buy either a Dead Man or Coffee and Cigarettes film poster? Or maybe even Blue Velvet.
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21 Sep 2014 09:38
@Timmbo courtesy of baddie
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21 Sep 2014 10:00
thanks mang - definitely want some sort of print on the front, just don't like the wtaps ones (top one is actually alright, although still think it's a bit naff)
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30 Sep 2014 12:54
these sneakers