Menswear: The where can I get this from? thread

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29 Sep 2010 11:34
I have one of these homos

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30 Sep 2010 08:58
A JP retailer for this Undercover:

Zozo's sold out and I think the stores have as well. European prices are ridiculous.
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30 Sep 2010 09:30
anyone got a steam cleaner? been thinking about buying one for ages. they worth it? pain in the ass? good? talk to me
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30 Sep 2010 12:45
Steam cleaning your ass does sound painful. Let us know how you get on.
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30 Sep 2010 13:07
got mine here:
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30 Sep 2010 18:24
Can anyone point me in the right direction of that Lyle & Scott snowflake jumper that was discounted a while back?
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30 Sep 2010 18:31
Where is a good framing place, either online or in Manchester?
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1 Oct 2010 12:56
wool jacket like this, but in navy

considered the hollow wool ones from Uniqlo, but they seem to be sold out. Anyone popped into Uniqlo and seen 'em?
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1 Oct 2010 13:04
dark chambray shirt a la Prorsum
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1 Oct 2010 13:09
timmbo wrote: wool jacket like this

Have you had a look at Walker Slater on Victoria Street? They had that kind of thing last year. Not at Uniqlo prices though!
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1 Oct 2010 13:50
gawkrodger wrote: dark chambray shirt a la Prorsum

Me too
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1 Oct 2010 17:45
i keep seeing these gregory bags, where can i get them?
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1 Oct 2010 19:05
Ah cheers Andy, will have a look. Always get funny looks from the blokes working there when I go in though Roll Eyes
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1 Oct 2010 19:09
You obviously weren't wearing enough Tweed!
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1 Oct 2010 23:45
Saw a light blue fred perry button down shirt in town, but didn't have my size.
white logo, slim fit. Around £60. Size Small/Medium.

Anyone seen any about online?

edit// this one:,default,pd.html
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1 Oct 2010 23:49
Prorsum style plain slim navy trousers.
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2 Oct 2010 00:14
Obviously topman. The site doesn't have them nor Bristol or Cardiff. Anyone seen them or they not out yet?


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4 Oct 2010 16:55
Anyone know where to get a good deal on these?

Mr Hare Fitzgerald
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5 Oct 2010 19:00

Cheap alternatives?
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5 Oct 2010 21:09
anyone seen this anywhere else?