Menswear: Which watch?

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17 Jan 2022 14:05
Reduced just doesn’t have the same appeal imo, the dial isn’t as nice. Hand winding isn’t a big deal, just wind it each morning which takes 10 secs to do. Still love mine and will never be getting rid
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17 Jan 2022 14:21
can we see a photo of it on your wrist jords?
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17 Jan 2022 14:59
eazypz wrote:
Kadafi39 wrote: Unless you have really small wrists I think the pro is the one to go for, it has the heritage of the moonwatch and is the better watch. The reason why the pro is not automatic is because in space the rotor would not spin freely and wouldn't wind the watch due to zero gravity.

I understand the diff between the Pro and the Auto, but I have no aspiration to go to space so manual wind has no purpose for me Laughing out loud
Whilst I buy watches I like, I do like to think I use them for the purpose intended eg. Have been diving in my sub etc.

Price is considerably different, and for the most part, the Pros look pretty much the same throughout the years.
The Auto however, has so many limited edition and interesting variations, which I think appeals to me more.

Laughing out loud Yeah doubt mine will be leaving the earths atmosphere either tbh, but I quite like the history and story behind it.

Most likely as the Pro is the "moonwatch" Omega have tried to keep it as original as the late 60s version that went to space whilst still modernising it.

Anyway I got the sapphire sandwich 3861, display caseback and that history for around £6k, I don't think you can buy a better new watch for cheaper.
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17 Jan 2022 17:09
I would definitely say Original Moonwatch over the Reduced. It’s a bit smaller, dial doesn’t quite look right, and isn’t in keeping with the whole aesthetics of a Speedy I think.
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18 Jan 2022 17:42
I wish I kept mine, sold it for 2.8k just before the price hikes, so lost a bit on it. Couldn't stop worrying about the hesalite after a drunken night which resulted in a massive scratch. Luckily polywatch took it out but was always in the back of my mind when wearing it.

Also missed the date function of my previous watch. Use it more than I thought I did.
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18 Jan 2022 18:08
I love the scratched hesalite. I remember what every scratch was caused by. All part of the journey.

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19 Jan 2022 08:57
swede wrote: i would definitely be tempted to let it go. needs a service though. keeps time really well but one of the sub dials isn't correctly zero'd so when the chrono is reset it doesnt line up 100%. been meaning to get it sorted…. wonder where would be best to get it shipped to in the uk for a service? - recommend taking it here if you are still in Bristol. Top work and good value.
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19 Jan 2022 09:35
i'm not but heading there in a few weeks. could drop it off/have it shipped back… will drop them a line