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10 Apr 2021 17:24
eazypz wrote: Best place to get a jubilee bracelet refurbished in the U.K.?
Found a place in Hatton Garden quoting £450, has anyone else used someone before for this?

When you say refurbished - what specifically do you mean? Polish etc? Or is it in need of repair?
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10 Apr 2021 18:36
Sorry, meant to repair stretch.
Don’t think this was watch has ever been serviced or properly cleaned in its life!
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10 Apr 2021 18:59
There is a guy in Northampton that does it for around £300 iirc. Don’t know him personally - read about it on a forum a while back but assume he’s still in business.
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17 Apr 2021 12:58

Not worn this for a while.
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17 Apr 2021 13:04
Such a classic. Seriously considering getting the new ref speedy
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17 Apr 2021 13:19
Absolutely love that Disco, strap works so well with it too.
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19 Apr 2021 13:26
Nicd disco, I tried on one over the weekend for the first time, loved it but found it wore very small due to the slim bezel.