Menswear: Which watch?

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15 Jan 2013 20:43
best source for nato straps at the moment?
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15 Jan 2013 21:18
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15 Jan 2013 21:20
if anyone has a diver and wants one of those tf rubber straps in 18mm drop me a pm - gj's only.

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15 Jan 2013 21:24
I Just got this and I'm LOVING IT!

*banned and link removed*

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15 Jan 2013 21:25
Crazy Joe Davola wrote: Possible bargain for someone looking for a Patek.
First gen aquanaut for aporox 5k gbp.;=3670

Horrible watch.

Does anyone have a calatrava?
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15 Jan 2013 21:27
Glad you like it. Looks pretty nasty though IMO.
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15 Jan 2013 21:58
xos wrote: Does anyone have a calatrava?

Dress watches hardly get the best rep here, so would be very surprised if anyone had one.

I looked at vintage a while back, but far too small on the wrist at 34mm.
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15 Jan 2013 22:06
I tried the 5127 on yesterday. Very nice watch. They offered a decent discount too surprisingly Smiling
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19 Jan 2013 22:00
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20 Jan 2013 07:17
'nipples'. looks great Cool
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20 Jan 2013 08:02
stelfox wrote: Timefactors
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20 Jan 2013 09:11
nickyboy84 wrote: I Just got this and I'm LOVING IT!

*banned and link removed*


Hi nickyboy84,

Do you work for Opumo? If you do, then posting like this on a forum is some seriously underhand and snide marketing shit.

The only reason I'm asking is that a lot of your other 18 posts seem to be all about the wonderful world of Opumo too…

Wed 2/1/2013
Opumo sale is small but good - Andersons Belts are on sale. I just picked this up:

*banned and link removed*

Sat 6/10/2012
Anyone know where I can get this number - the watch's site is whack

*banned and link removed*

Thu 11/10/2012
15% off Opumo


Fri 14/12/2012
Code: SL20 for 20% off at

*banned and link removed*


Thu 16/10/2012
I just got one of these at it's SICK

*banned and link removed*

Tue 16/11/2012
Anyone got an iPad case suggestion? Thinking something army canvas like but good quality..?

Maybe you should think about checking Opumo? Strangely enough, they sell a couple by Hasso which according to the Opumo website are "Handcrafted with gentle yet sturdy cotton canvases and the finest waxed vegetable tanned leather". I'd pop a link to them, but I think you already know exactly where to find them…
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20 Jan 2013 10:20
Anyone have any knowledge/ thoughts on the Tag Link Calibre S…

It's either that or a carrera chrono automatic, how do they compare? Is the Link considerably inferior to the Carrera?

Could do with some tips- I can get a new link calibre s for £1400- the carrera would be double, is the link good value at that price?
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20 Jan 2013 11:57
The Link is ugly (to me at least) and a Quartz which I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, so I would definitely go for the Carrera if you must have one or the other. I have always thought the Carrera was a nice enough looking watch for what it is but you can get a Omega Speemaster (which is infinitely cooler and more classic) for a similar price if you want a Chrono or a Rolex Submariner second hand around the same price if you are not worried about a Chrono.
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20 Jan 2013 20:16
don't have any watch fund at the mo but this looks like a great watch for less than a K, nice fresh looking case with a lovely patina on the dial, huge crown, lugs are nice and sleek and looks the business on the wrist.

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23 Jan 2013 19:19
Have just come across this watch, anyone know anything about it/know if it's worth anything much?


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23 Jan 2013 20:17
I need a replacement leather strap for a couple of watches I have….the ones that "go" with the watch are nearly a bottle each and i really dont want to pay 400 quid for a tiny bit of leather!
Anyone know a good site for quality leather straps please?
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23 Jan 2013 23:19
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23 Jan 2013 23:38
Don't know much about tags but assuming thats a fake Smiling
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24 Jan 2013 02:19
Superprecise wrote: