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10 Mar 2015 17:44
Rira I know your pain. Initially at the start of the year I was in the same boat flew through there and other airports a few times and out of stock.
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10 Mar 2015 19:11
-DiscoTits- wrote: Well it's tax free shopping from the Gassan concession stands. So that appears to be the major discount factor I would of thought? I was worried about being stopped when I flew back into the UK as I'm assuming the customs and excise folks would of been interested in earning some £ for the taxman.
I don't understand how you would have got charged. I would either wear the watch or hide it in clothes. there is no way I would get taxed
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10 Mar 2015 19:52
Presumably the inner and outerbox/dated papers etc would be the giveaway.
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posted 11 Mar 2015 03:13, edited 11 Mar 2015 03:13
No charges within the EU no worries there.
In Gassan Schiphol, it is tax free (so the RRP/1.21). With the gbp/eur rate at the moment there are huge savings even without the tax free part.
They have the largest selection of SS Rolexes compared with other airports although you can't order in advance and they aren't allowed to tell you what they have in stock in advance either.

Discotits, did you see what others they had out? How much was it btw?
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11 Mar 2015 08:02
How is it tax free in Schiphol, cant you only use the tax free shops if your flying out of the EU?
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posted 11 Mar 2015 08:25, edited 11 Mar 2015 08:25
Only applies to their airside boutique, but they offer it at tax free regardless if you're flying out or within the EU

It really is pot luck. When I flew out mid February they had a decent selection of SS including a GMT II and explorer II but no subs. When I passed through again early March (probably a week before discotits) they had sold the GMT II and explorer II, and still had no sign of any subs.
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11 Mar 2015 12:18
xos I have pm'd you. They had quite a few other colours of submariners and a good selection of GMT's also. Then a few good selections of other models also. I used the actual Rolex stand as apposed to the other Gassan diamond stands located throughout.
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11 Mar 2015 12:56
Thats an amazing deal. I would consider a trip for it especially but imagine they'll be gone by the time I get round to it
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12 Mar 2015 05:24
Am I missing the price or something?
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posted 12 Mar 2015 10:49, edited 12 Mar 2015 10:49
Got a mate connecting in Schiphol next week, did you see a sea dweller?
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12 Mar 2015 13:16
Mob they did have a seadweller.
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12 Mar 2015 13:19
Cheers mate, fingers crossed it's still there on Monday Cool
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12 Mar 2015 13:19
Trent wrote: Am I missing the price or something?

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12 Mar 2015 13:34
Would look massive on you Mob I reckon
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12 Mar 2015 14:05
can anyone recommend a UK/London equivalent to HQ Milton in SF? looking for a vintage Sub or Pepsi GMT II and would rather be able to have a browse in the flesh than buy from the US and worry about customs, etc.
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12 Mar 2015 14:12
RickRude wrote: Would look massive on you Mob I reckon

not a deepsea, a normal sea dweller. It's probably the same footprint as my sub. Did you see a price DS?
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posted 12 Mar 2015 17:04, edited 12 Mar 2015 17:04
I'll be flying through schipol on Saturday and again on the 3rd of april I could do a scout of their stock again.
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posted 12 Mar 2015 17:10, edited 12 Mar 2015 17:10
You can email Gassan for the price and they usually respond the next working day. They don't answer any queries regarding stock though.

Oh and…

UK RRP £5700
Schiphol £4600~

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12 Mar 2015 17:27
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12 Mar 2015 20:55
You selling the sub?