Menswear: Which watch?

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26 Oct 2015 12:03
I don't know what Ray Meats would say about subs? Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, Spicy Italian?
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26 Oct 2015 12:16
Laughing out loud
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28 Oct 2015 12:03
Is it usually okay to present items bought abroad with the absence of the original box when brought to GST refund report desk in the airport? I'll be wearing/using it instead. Especially for Jersey Airport, thinking on purchasing a phone and a watch.
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28 Oct 2015 14:39
Any of the old firm looking to shift a Seamaster diver - SHOM 200m, 120m baby / mini ploprof et al. Fancy myself one of those now they're less internet hype.
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28 Oct 2015 15:10
There's a big difference on the wrist between the two.
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28 Oct 2015 15:46
Baby FTW - great looking Watch - Dee is your man for this, otherwise you'll end up buying a Frankenstein watch
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28 Oct 2015 17:16
@Trent : I have a brand new Ploprof available if your wrist is big enough.
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29 Oct 2015 07:00
Crackajack wrote: But the Tudor is just as rugged isn't it? But then again Ray Meats has a Sub.

I said what I got ta say
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posted 2 Nov 2015 23:39, edited 2 Nov 2015 23:39
Where can I get this exact same strap from in the UK?
Navy, 18mm and satin metal rounded rings;=670466617674&ssPageName;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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2 Nov 2015 23:52
search "zulu strap" and you'll find loads
Find them to be really awkward in person though, much prefer a nato
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10 Nov 2015 20:46
Brilliant Ralph Lauren interview on hodinkee
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10 Nov 2015 22:46
good read
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11 Nov 2015 07:16
RL wrote: "Rolexes aren't special to me"

RL wrote: "This is a World War II pilot's watch from IWC. To me, it goes with the Panerai watches very well because they represent a real purpose – one that is hard to deny."

The purpose of the Rolex submariner when issued to SBS divers because it was the toughest and most reliable watch the RN could find is also hard to deny, to me.

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24 Nov 2015 10:42
quick price question - what should i be looking to pay for a late 60s GMT? no box/papers but recently serviced by Rolex. a bit beat up, but looking good on it with original face/bezel etc.
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24 Nov 2015 19:15
you have pictures?
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24 Nov 2015 22:25
nope - its in a jewellers in the town where i live. bit of an unexpected find, need to give it a proper look over and check the caseback, serial number, etc. looks legit from comparison to pics i've found online and the fade on the dial though.
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posted 25 Nov 2015 09:26, edited 25 Nov 2015 09:26
Not by strength, by guile:

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30 Nov 2015 10:58
The Mrs as asked for a cheap watch for her birthday, I was thinking of getting a Uniform wears c35 but wondered if there was anything better about for that kind of money?
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30 Nov 2015 16:05
Would the woman's Max Bill be a better option?
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30 Nov 2015 17:02
Seventyfour wrote: Would the woman's Max Bill be a better option?

Would definately stand the test of time(in terms of looks) over the two.