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7 Oct 2016 06:08
Cheers guys. I'll throw some pics up for anyone who's interested.

Yeah, I hear people saying that they see Subs all the time. Me personally, I've hardly seen any Rolex's on others, never mind Subs, so it wasn't a worry for me. Maybe I'm just not overly observant. Laughing out loud
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7 Oct 2016 07:22
Sub no date is a great watch. Since buying a time only I haven't noticed not having the date. No date is cleaner on the sub's I think.
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7 Oct 2016 12:52
No date = no dick
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7 Oct 2016 17:46
MLI wrote: No date = no dick

Looking forward to seeing your no date Sub.
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7 Oct 2016 18:11
MLI wrote: No date = no dick

Inspired contribution - why even bother?


Quick snap. If anyone is considering, based on my first impression, I'd recommend.

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7 Oct 2016 18:35
MLI wrote: No date = no dick

Date might be the popular model, but purists prefer no date.

If I see a no date sub, I am much more likely to think the guy is into watches than if he has a date model.

I am pretty into watches, but mostly vintage stuff. Here's a few grails of mine:

Space Compax

A Series Royal Oak

Zenith Cairelli

The great thing about vintage pieces is better examples of defunct models/configurations tend to go up in value. If I was as minted as some other guys here I would be stockpiling nice examples of classic watches.

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posted 7 Oct 2016 21:43, edited 7 Oct 2016 21:43
After wearing my GMT watch daily since purchase I always deliberate over buying a Daytona bi metal for occasional dress watch purposes as they wear small and are such a classic (no date) watch.

Always seems so frivolous to blow 9k on a watch u will hardly wear but I love that blue dial. Vintage is a great idea but sadly so pricey on the Rolex pieces.
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8 Oct 2016 10:02
MLI wrote: No date = no dick

But the military issued subs were no-date weren't they?

Thinking of a black/black GMT or pre-rehaut no-date sub… maybe in a few years anyway.
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8 Oct 2016 13:37
Not my cup of tea the colours they used on that Glashutte dial, but it's a good choice and a nice change from the usual dive watch offerings.
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8 Oct 2016 23:00
Crackajack wrote:
MLI wrote: No date = no dick

But the military issued subs were no-date weren't they?

Ok, so I wouldn't knock back a milsub with no date.. but disagree no dates are for purists. The date complication and magnifying lense have a strong following of fans. Mostly in Japan where date version has always been preferred..


Good choice.
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10 Oct 2016 18:32
MLI wrote: No date = no dick

No plexi, no tritium = no dick
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12 Oct 2016 08:04
No Cyclops, No Steez
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posted 30 Oct 2016 21:27, edited 30 Oct 2016 21:27
Bargain seiko 5 military watchs (x5)
£40 or best offer

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posted 10 Nov 2016 20:52, edited 10 Nov 2016 20:52
Speaking of Seiko, what are people's thoughts on the Seiko SARG009 (Made in Japan)?

I think it looks nice on a leather strap:

SARG009 and the SARG011, the latter comes with a leather strap, but not sure about the red tipped second hand.
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posted 10 Nov 2016 22:09, edited 10 Nov 2016 22:09
I have a similar (ie.Made in Japan, same price range/movement, etc) SARB033

They're amazing watches for the price range, but the only thing to be aware of is there's an annoying gap on the clasps

Not a problem if you want to wear on a strap. Or you can just ignore it like I do.

This is a good alternative too
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16 Nov 2016 15:52
new in
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16 Nov 2016 15:59
How are you gonna know what day it is? Fuck sake man.
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16 Nov 2016 16:09
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16 Nov 2016 18:26
That patina tho Ubercool
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16 Nov 2016 18:45
Strong watch