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posted 6 Apr 2017 07:40, edited 6 Apr 2017 07:40
burny wrote:
eazypz wrote: Tried on a datejust today and 36mm is too small and feminine looking for my wrist.
Do they do a bigger size of this in '87 or was it only one size?

I wear a datejust daily. It's the perfect watch in my opinion.

looks ^ great. perfect dial colour for that watch.

wembly wrote:
oldgregg wrote: ^trashed bezel + razor sharp bevels..
smells like laser welded case or lots of donor parts

APROO wrote: lugs have been polished to fuck, wouldn't touch it with a barge mate.

of course it's polished but for the price he asked for it's more than worth it.

quick bracelet and inlay change, tropic 38 on it and ready for the summer

haven't most seen some kind of polish if it's been serviced, can't tell how much unless you get a better look at the reverse on that case - looks ok to me.

Had a light polish by RSC, chamfers still sharp and intact when it came back, lost a touch from the corner of a lug.
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6 Apr 2017 16:03
Burny's DJ is a beaut.
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posted 6 Apr 2017 19:59, edited 6 Apr 2017 19:59
^ Looks a lot nicer then when I tried it on.
Reckon I need to leave it on a bit longer when I try it next.

For an '87 datejust, how much should I be paying if it were identical to Burnys one? Although I do quite like the jubilee bracelets.
I've seen them as cheap as £2000 and as much as £4000
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7 Apr 2017 06:02
You won't find one identical to Burny's as his is the current version (116200) and more substantial than previous ones (16200?). With a bit of homework you should be able to find an '87 with the same kind of look, i.e. silver dial, baton hour markers and either an oyster or jubilee bracelet.
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7 Apr 2017 06:53
Yep ^ although you can get a smooth bezel from around '88ish.

Search for 16000, price is around 3k I think.
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7 Apr 2017 07:22
Baton silver dial and jubilee 16234

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7 Apr 2017 07:46
Ok that's nice.

But you're into that Madonna crap?
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7 Apr 2017 08:42
What Dee just posted is pretty much spot on what I'm after. Is that still around the 3k mark? Ideally wanted to spend about 2.5k max.
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7 Apr 2017 09:09
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posted 7 Apr 2017 09:11, edited 7 Apr 2017 09:11
Like I said, Rolex 16014, the same as mine. These can be picked up for your budget. I'm not a fan of roman numerals myself, so it's perfect for me.
Stainless steel and white gold bezel.

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posted 7 Apr 2017 14:26, edited 7 Apr 2017 14:26
That guys insta has some seriously nicely chosen rolex's. The blue face white gold daytona is something I didnt know existed. Looks great.
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9 Apr 2017 14:42
Cheers Deuce, will get looking.
Best places to get second hand ones from?
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9 Apr 2017 15:08
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posted 10 Apr 2017 09:07, edited 10 Apr 2017 09:07
I'd really like a Sub on an Oysterflex, how would you get such a thing? I suspect Rolex don't sell the latter separately and if they did it'd cost an absolute fucking fortune. So, wait until they release it as an option? I think I just answered my own question.
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10 Apr 2017 09:24
Rubber B is a cheaper and good alternative to the oysterflex
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10 Apr 2017 09:29
Fuck me, the no date is £5450 now.
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10 Apr 2017 20:11
So I've found the one that Dee and Deuce posted, with box and papers, and just serviced by Rolex for 2k.
Worth pulling the trigger? And what shall I look out for? Will be buying privately from the blokes house, so will be going back if anything happens, but how do I distinguish the authenticity and that it's got the correct parts inside etc?
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10 Apr 2017 21:09
2k seems a bit low? Is it really worn or something? The service would have cost him £300 easily as well.

You cant know if it is fake, but if he can take the bracelet off the serial should match the paperwork (assuming that is legit, if a watch can be forged so can a bit of paper…) and it would be unlikely he would swap out a movement after the service.
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10 Apr 2017 22:30
£2k is low but not impossible from a private seller
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11 Apr 2017 06:52
Fudge, what's your whole collection like? Really like that batman and hulk. Wish I'd copped a sub or a sea dweller few years back instead of a bunch of tags.. Depreciated in value like crazy and don't really wear them anymore.