Menswear: Winter Jackets / Coats!

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9 Dec 2013 20:09
Rascal collar
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15 Dec 2013 21:22
Looking for a decent waterproof jacket for work, just a waterproof outer layer. Around £80-100 and not a fashion brand but looks nice. Last 2 jackets I've purchased, patagonia and berghaus were not good at all, so would like a recommendation if anyone has one.
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16 Dec 2013 08:22
North Face do some good ones? Got one for about that for biking in.
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16 Dec 2013 09:02
Cool Ruben
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16 Dec 2013 18:27
I'm looking for a decent suede/shearling biker jacket with a tight fit? Many of these are just to bulky. Any thoughts?
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16 Dec 2013 18:31
Worn the IH deck a bit now and it's such a great bit of gear, feels like a complete shield against the wind.

My single gripe is that the alpaca lining and collar are a tad rough, not an issue for the lining but the collar could do with being softer.
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16 Dec 2013 19:13

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16 Dec 2013 19:52
Polar bear's mott.
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16 Dec 2013 19:54
This whole rugged hamburg thing is ridiculous
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17 Dec 2013 09:26
quest, usually Patagonia are brilliant at remedying any problems and I've not had any difficulties with them, and I've been buying them for a while.

The Torrentshell is very solid, but comes up large. For instance, I'm 6' and I've got room in the size Small. It's not going to be Veilance, but it will last and keep you dry.

Here's one in Large for £75.

I've a lightly worn black Torrentshell in black for £50 posted, should that be any use. Got the labels and such for it, too, I think.
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17 Dec 2013 20:17
shields88 wrote: c-styles the mki one i was after isn't in stock anymore, pretty gutted can't seen to find anything else that looks as good atm

They're restocking varsitys tomorrow
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18 Dec 2013 22:01
Has anyone seen anything like this around? Brown, wool, herringbone.

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18 Dec 2013 22:17
Massive shoulders?
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18 Dec 2013 23:04
thats nice xerxes
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19 Dec 2013 21:11
Would fit better if he took the coat hanger out.
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19 Dec 2013 23:24
Laughing out loud @ Ruben
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27 Dec 2013 12:20
Anyone ever had an Alpha Industries M65? Like the look, but not sure on the fit/sizing
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27 Dec 2013 12:26
had one about 10 years ago, fit like you'd imagine its gonna. Not slim.
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27 Dec 2013 12:36
Cheers, feared as much.

Anyone got any suggestions for a slimmish m65 - preferably navy?
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27 Dec 2013 14:47