Menswear: Winter Jackets / Coats!

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5 Nov 2015 16:41

I'm sure it will fit fine. It's just a very chunky coat.

and if you get shy about it you can always slip on the bally
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5 Nov 2015 16:43
Look at the size of it - you'll boil alive sydney
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5 Nov 2015 16:46
I'll soon find out
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5 Nov 2015 17:18
Won't you stay another day
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5 Nov 2015 17:25
Laughing out loud i didn't order the white
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5 Nov 2015 17:30
Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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5 Nov 2015 17:33
christ Laughing out loud
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5 Nov 2015 17:50
Laughing out loud
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5 Nov 2015 18:15
Laughing out loud
carl lewis
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5 Nov 2015 18:38
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posted 5 Nov 2015 19:37, edited 5 Nov 2015 19:37
illwill wrote: I used to be one for layers but have come round to thinking like this these days. Taking off 3 layers when you get to the pub is just a hassle. Just picked up one of these.
This. Especially commuting in London you'd overheat on the tube.

Finna cop this primaloft vest:
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5 Nov 2015 19:48
YLAup wrote: Won't you stay another day

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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5 Nov 2015 20:29
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6 Nov 2015 14:10
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8 Nov 2015 18:16

Futurescope wrote: The Moon Parka - A jacket made of synthetic spider silk

Remember the Japanese biomaterials company Spiber? In 2013, they presented a cocktail dress made of Qmonos (from the Japanese word kumonosu meaning ‘spider web’), their present 11-year-10-design-iterations-and-656-gene-synthesis synthetic version of stronger than steel and more flexible than nylon lightweight spider silk.

Snip from

The end result of all that research is a method for producing artificial spider silk through a fermentation process using bioengineered microorganisms to produce the silk proteins. A real spider can only produce so much silk, but an engineered cell that does nothing but spit out silk proteins can be used to scale production up quickly.

Now they presented in collaboration with The North Face a new prototype called The Moon Parka, which is currently touring North Face stores across Japan. It’s intended to show that practical applications of spider silk are possible (cost is now 1/53,000 of what it was in 200Cool. Spiber aims to deliver the final product next year. Presumably only in Japan. But fingers crossed for a worldwide rollout at reasonable prices.

Video >>

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8 Nov 2015 18:35
Very Cool
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8 Nov 2015 20:04
Fuck sounds like it'll take a bullet!
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3 Dec 2015 09:18
Anyone buy any of the new ACG stuff?
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3 Dec 2015 09:32
Looks immense, if I had that money I'd be copping.
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3 Dec 2015 13:04
The bomber and the boots look Cool