Menswear: Winter Jackets / Coats!

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9 Jun 2016 16:06
Laughing out loud Just came across it and thought I'd post it before I forgot. Don't worry, I'm sure England being England it'll piss down / snow soon enough!!
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13 Jun 2016 13:59
after a water proof/resistant shell for summer….cant seem to find anything….preferably something in a parka style with decent tech level to it but nothing over the top….circa £200ish

acg packable and the nike fc parka are the closest things at the mo
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13 Jun 2016 14:16
Patagonia Torrentshell
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13 Jun 2016 15:23
For the money the ACG is good. I've sent mine back but think I will order it again as I've realised I love it now Cry
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14 Jun 2016 12:17
cheers guys

i keep going back to the torrentshell, but was hoping for something a bit more "fashion"
seems to be the best functional one for the price tho
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14 Jun 2016 12:23
What about the uniqlo block tech? Seems decent for the P
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14 Jun 2016 18:06
Uniqlo block tech is great for the price. Grey colour is nice.
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23 Aug 2016 11:39
Anyone know if this gap jacket is in store anywhere in London;=1
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23 Aug 2016 18:26
COS have the black wool cashmere overcoat in store now if anyone is looking ahead.
carl lewis
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6 Oct 2016 06:40
Moncler worth the hype?
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posted 6 Oct 2016 06:53, edited 6 Oct 2016 06:53
Too many fakes/too gauche. Just get uniqlo.
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6 Oct 2016 07:31
yes agree Uniqlo better option
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6 Oct 2016 08:14
Comparing Uniqlo to MonclerLaughing out loud

carl lewis wrote: Moncler worth the hype?

In my opinion Carl they are. The ones I've tried on have been great.
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6 Oct 2016 09:02
Just got one of the uniqlo U blocktech jackets. Feels pretty good, but size down. Im usually small and XS fit me
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6 Oct 2016 10:50
Are Moncler not worn almost exclusively by Italian neds?
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6 Oct 2016 11:14
Italian Neds and Drake
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6 Oct 2016 11:43
seems popular with roadman round my ends (mostly fakes but you occasionally see some what looks to be legit ones)
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6 Oct 2016 14:06

manula wrote: Italian Neds, rich Parisians and Drake
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6 Oct 2016 14:17
I still got the Branson tucked away - it'll come out soon. Although I'm always roasting in about 10 minutes. Would be italian scally if it was shiny one
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6 Oct 2016 16:36
Not particularly seen anything worthy of a purchase yet. Find boxy chesterfields boring, and everything else is far too overly inflated (no raf).