Menswear: Winter Jackets / Coats!

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14 Oct 2016 13:51
Not experienced myself but it was hyped big on here a few years back but everyone came away disappointed.

Looks great though…
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14 Oct 2016 14:00
I think the main gripes were that people didn't think the material was all it was cracked up to be. Personally I love em, yet I've never owned one.

I've got a stone island m65 made from the same material (allbeit slightly thinner) and I think it's great. You can't expect it to be as water resistant as say gore tex.

However the 3L ones should be a lot more waterproof than the jap polyamide ones, so the usual complaints shouldn't apply.
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14 Oct 2016 20:44
I got a Snow Smock a few years ago and was super water resistant to begin with but there's a few areas now where water does not bead off. Is nice and warm with the shearling liner too and yeah it is expensive for what it is. Could probably re waterproof if treated but not sure what would be best to use on the material.
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14 Oct 2016 21:45
Got a field jacket with liner, just heading into its 3rd winter and still not fully broken in yet. No complaints about quality or waterproofing, read somewhere a round of Nikwax Wash & Nikwax TX Direct works well with the fabric to restore the water resistance. Size-wise it fits true for me @ 48 / M.
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15 Oct 2016 01:28
I've got a 3L snow smock that I love.
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15 Oct 2016 07:20
Got the snow smock & agree that the material isn't as waterproof as expected but still holds up in a downpour. It is a shell but is totally windproof and versatile. I just layer underneath depending on how cold it is. TTS I'd say.
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15 Oct 2016 08:09
Imma pop out and pick one up later today. What's the feelings on the 3L vs the proprietary cloth?

Looking at an anorak and the hooded shearling liner.
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15 Oct 2016 08:35
I haven't experienced the 3L but I really like the Japanese OG fabric. I got the liner originally but backed it as it felt too snug & restrictive. Ihad an old SI liner that fits much better & goes really well with the Snow Smock.
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16 Oct 2016 17:36
Hanto wrote: Anyone got any experience with Ten C? I am looking at the 3L Anorak and Car Coat, but have on SF that the quality does not match the price? Advice on sizing would be great as well.

I had the field 3L Ten C and it was far too stiff and dense in construction for me, hard to wear and move around in.
Tried a snow smock but decide I prefer the Visvim cut and feel of their gore jackets.
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17 Oct 2016 18:11
I like this Goodenough junt.

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18 Oct 2016 09:11
the standard 'original' ten-c knitted nylon is really nice in my opinion, its unique and an interesting material on classics like the m65 mod parka etc.

I think the 3l textile is likely to be a bit average at the price point as you could by gore tex at that price, and really its not what ten c specialize in, if you want a ten-c jacket my advice is buy one of the originals, if you want a 3l waterproof jacket by a veilance one as that what they specialize in
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posted 18 Oct 2016 21:33, edited 18 Oct 2016 21:33
I got the Anorak in the original fabric and the shearling liner both in black. Tried the hooded but it was too much. Went for the regular. It's pretty great. Service in store was excellent too.

Agree with everything above about the 3L and in additional the aesthetic is also just a bit "clean" with it all being laser cut for me.
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19 Oct 2016 06:43
That's you sorted for winter. The OG fabric is a bit stiff to begin with but softens up after a few wears.
carl lewis
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19 Oct 2016 08:11
Isn't Ten C sold in the CP store up west.
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19 Oct 2016 08:37
What are those Uniqlo down jackets like?
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19 Oct 2016 08:43
Would like to know what the seamless one's are like.
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19 Oct 2016 09:56
Seamless down looks good
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posted 19 Oct 2016 10:19, edited 19 Oct 2016 10:19
i bought a black seamless the other day. pretty good tbh. good for a beater warm jacket. better than the new UU ones too.
^ the one mob linked, not the long one
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19 Oct 2016 10:21
got pics jords?
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19 Oct 2016 10:29
nah dont have any sorry. definitely worth the money though. good inside pockets, both outer pockets are zipped. the inside of the sleeves are cuffed too.
i got an XS, and i wish it was an inch longer (dont we all eh?), but thats because im pretty tall and narrow in the shoulders, plus i didnt want it to look too michelin man. go true to size i'd say.