Menswear: Winter Jackets / Coats!

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12 Sep 2007 00:45
I've tried numerous peacoats on places and none of them have fitted my right, so I'm going for a different coat this year, going to get maybe a duffle or parka, and I'd like something nice in wool, I'll give zozo and yahoo auctions a look.
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12 Sep 2007 05:41
Homer wrote: This is well nice but ££££

wheres that from?
El Bongo
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12 Sep 2007 06:52
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12 Sep 2007 07:59
this winter, peacoat i bought from here last year, acronym i already have and im desperatly still trying to track down a black supreme leather down in a medium (pm me if anybody has any leads, my hook up's bring no love Cry )
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12 Sep 2007 08:08
I'm not buying a coat. I commute everywhere by car so it seems pointless to have fucking huge coat that will get no use. I think a quality jacket will suffice.

There's one dior one in the DH catalogue I like and have to buy that isn't on LVR or Browns. Hope it doesn't sell out fast.
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12 Sep 2007 09:03
I'll be wearing this if I am wearing trainers.

Still got this old H&M jacket, unbelievably warm so I'll be digging it out.

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12 Sep 2007 19:00
Gonna go for one of them Undercover jackets. That's if I ever find the damn pic again…
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12 Sep 2007 19:21
schtoop wrote: Any grey peacoats about?

i think miu miu at selfs have grey peacoats. had a classic navy levis parka from 7 years ago which i sold not long ago and kind of regret now, good quality for the money and they do them every year in some form
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12 Sep 2007 19:27
nice shouts.
still have to rock this bitch on the colder days.
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13 Sep 2007 09:03
reallt feeling this goretex stain collar coat and pack coat from tnf purple label

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13 Sep 2007 09:07
I want a duffle too. Difficult to find though. Theres a RS one on yoox but its just not that great. I like the dior one on browns but I'm not sure if 50 might be too big.
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13 Sep 2007 09:16
i like that north face, dont know if id feel it bit oasis in it
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13 Sep 2007 11:04
Where can you get those North Face coats? And how much?
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13 Sep 2007 12:54
^¥44,100/¥40,950 available from, you will proably need a proxy for ordering though..
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14 Sep 2007 00:30
I thought this thread turned into a peacoat discussion, a Fjallraven jacket from Oi Polloi may be my next major purchase
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14 Sep 2007 01:41
I got my eye on a Nice NDG grey trench at liberty's but haven't got my size.
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14 Sep 2007 03:19


Stunning jacket
Noble Locks
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14 Sep 2007 12:01
stunning jacket
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14 Sep 2007 12:10

Bet its a ludicrous price right?
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14 Sep 2007 13:54
That is a peach Cool