Womenswear: women's fragrance-any recommendations?

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29 Jan 2010 18:52
please help me out here, too many to choose from and the smell gives me a headache, really can't decide….. just a present for someone in their early 20s. thanks!
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29 Jan 2010 19:05
You can't go wrong with Viktor & Rolf either Eau mega or flowerbomb they both smell exquisite and Eau mega has a really nice attractive bottle, you could also get Tom Ford Black Orchid which is unisex a little sophisticated and different.
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14 Feb 2010 18:03
Go to Fresh, if your in London on Marylebone High Street

BY FAR the nicest perfumes - all really light floral scents.
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14 Feb 2010 19:32
Using Marc Jacobs Lola at the moment.. As my previous perfume was Marc Jacobs Daisy and I love that.

But, I'm not too sure on it.. and it makes me sneeze. Puzzled

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15 Mar 2010 11:43
Hmm I know what you mean about headaches. Jawdropping!
I usually prefer clear perfumes they are defiantly much more fresh and lighter than the darker ones. My personal favorites are Lancôme oui oui so simple yet smells great! the second best is Clinique Happy… Third is Este Lauder Pleasures though I tried hadn’t tried this in a few years, it now smells a bit heavy compared to the first two I mentioned. Really hate the gold scrap coloured ones they are far to strong for my liking.A goo example is the JLo range.Cute bottle cute gold jewelry decoration but its awful stinky!

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14 Apr 2010 23:34
I bought my girlfriend the Ghost pink which is really nice. Its about £35 a bottle and smells fantastic!
Dont be put off if you have a smell test on it as it smells a lot stronger like 'in the air' rather than when its on the skin.
Its my favourite womans fragrance anyway!
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15 Apr 2010 00:19
only nearly 5 months late.