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12 Apr 2010 13:20
Maybe this can kick-start this forum!

And hopfully can become a regular poster again now I have a job with net-access and a desk!

Is there anywhere on the high-street that does NICE womens suits that won't make me look like a middle-aged secretary?

I have seen a couple of OK ones in Karen Millen but nowhere else really…

Preferably skirt suits, but need a couple of trouser ones too.

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12 Apr 2010 14:07
If you find some, let me know!

I can't seem to find nice suits either (unless you go high end. Sad )
They are all very mumsy/frumpy.

One of my friend recommended Next to me.. But, I'm not convinced..

Planet do do some nice stuff, it is bordering on mumsy though, but I have found the odd nice jacket in there. http://www.planet.co.uk/en-gb/CategoryList/?cid=PCATSUI&extcam;=ppc_goog_ladies_suits&gclid;=CNzVvISagaECFU6Z2Aod90dNiA

Reiss? http://www.reiss.co.uk/shop/womens/tailoring_formal/

Hobbs? http://www.hobbs.co.uk/index.cfm?page=1015 (Again.. pretty middle aged.. but, have also found the odd bit in there..)

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12 Apr 2010 14:41
Thanks Alice… I shall have a look at them.

Warehouse's range would be fab if….
I worked for Boy George…


in the 1980s


I was moonlighting as a waiter on the Titanic

Laughing out loud

"Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid."

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12 Apr 2010 14:55
Laughing out loud Oh my..

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12 Apr 2010 15:28
The gf always seems to buy hers at Hobbs and Reiss and she always looks good.
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13 Apr 2010 09:58
My girlfriend swears by Esprit (admittedly not for suits). The suits don't look amazing to me though, but certainly better than the Warehouse ones Laughing out loud
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13 Apr 2010 09:59
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14 Apr 2010 20:15
"Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid."

Thanks all - off shopping tomorrow so will check out all the places mentioned Smiling

Alice, I shall report back if I find anything good.
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22 Apr 2010 12:55
How did you get one Sarah? Of all the high street shops I would probably bet on Zara for some decent tailoring and, if you can bear walking past the rails of saddo clothes, Marks and Sparks have actually got some decent pieces to offer, plain but fairly well made given the prices.

If you do get a chance to afford something special. there is a fantastic label called Komakino http://www.komakinodesign.com/ - it's a partnership between an Italian man and a Korean women, based in London. Few stockists here, sell mainly in Japan (of course) but saw their a/w collection and it is amazing - wonderful tailoring.

Other suggestions would be sample sale - Margaret Howell's is usually v good for tailored pieces and worth considering for future buys - and secondhand. Nowadays, as you'll all know, it is difficult to pick up great bargains in London's charity shops, but if you travel outside you can still get some amazing pieces. I recently got a gorgeous men's wool Jaeger jacket for £5 and a 30's style suit - proper tailored tails, trousers and waistcoat for £8. Even if you have to pay for adjustments to the fit. you're still quids in and truth is most of the tailoring on the high street is poor in quality compared with suits from two decades ago.

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1 May 2010 14:30
Hi Marian.

Thanks for the suggestions… I'm out in Norfolk which sadly doesn't have great retail options, but heading back to London for a weekend in early June and have set aside time and money for the job at hand.

Managed to get a couple of nice seperates off of ASOS Outlet, and there are lots of tailored dresses and gorgeous cardis about atm so I'm embracing the Mad Men look for the time being.

The 30s tails sound amazing! I'm sadly the wrong shape to carry off the menswear look… Too much hip and boobage. Which is a shame cos I love the whole Katharine Hepburn vibe… such gorgeous suits in Woman of the Year!

I'm off to a vintage fair tomorrow and hoping for a suit miracle….

"Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid."