Menswear: Woodbury Commons NY - Visitors

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28 Nov 2016 20:51
I know a lot of the UK guys head there when they visit NY.

Was passing through yesterday

Acne just opened - prices ok, they haven't advertised the outlet anywhere - a few good Winter jackets left over, the large parka for about $500

Saint Laurent currently closed down, couldn't see if it was a refurb or not

Was surprised, the biggest line was at Burberry.

One of the guys at Simon (the owners) was telling me the biggest drop off they've had this year was with the brits!
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28 Nov 2016 23:37
Simon's #1 operation in terms of revenue and foot-traffic. A simple food kiosk runs vendors $13k a month with no storage. They spent a ton on renovations.

I dunno about brits but they haul in the chinese by the busloads, nary a westerner in sight. They line up outside of Coach and Burberry, security detail and all that, it's ridiculous.

Moncler is nice although it's a big draw for east bloc'ers. Chinese row has an 'upscale' RL with RRL as well as a decent Cucinelli if you're into that. Valentino has some surprisingly nice selections but prices are still geared toward those looking for a 'HK moment'. The rest of the place is just mid-tier fare same any other US outlet.

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29 Nov 2016 13:11
sounds like bicester