Menswear: Worst last purchase 2013, in association with Centurionone

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10 Sep 2013 13:11
Bump. I believe August yielded a good crop.
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10 Sep 2013 13:48
I like those RO's that Bill copped even if they do look a bit clown like, not a worst purchase imo
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10 Sep 2013 14:22
they aint ricks, they're ann d

i actually quite like them
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10 Sep 2013 14:25
they're drkshdw
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10 Sep 2013 14:44
Jordan just out Ninja'd
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10 Sep 2013 14:47
oops, didnt really look, thought they were the ann d's he had
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posted 31 Dec 2013 11:19, edited 31 Dec 2013 11:19
Bumping this thread with a few new ones.

Can't believe s4do doing his best "I'm a little teapot, short and stout" impression whilst modelling his Rab C Nesbitt t-shirt is not in here (can anyone remember when he posted it?)

Also October brought us Trystero's duffle

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31 Dec 2013 11:31
Both Laughing out loud
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31 Dec 2013 13:11
That duffle, jordan's dinner lady cap and Carl's Marc Jacobs Eurotrash sneakers Laughing out loud
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posted 6 Feb 2014 18:44, edited 6 Feb 2014 18:44
since robii lost his appeal, would like to keep this thread going…


Nigel Benn wrote: Cousin Robert from Harlem got me a graduation gift

stoney wrote: off to Newquay next week, this should do the job :

CrunK wrote: odeur (useless photo, but I really like this)

Beau Brummel wrote: Mott Rafael - £45

M & S - £8

Grenson £80

exactlythat wrote: needed some simple footwear for placements and stuff. a bargain on superfuture.


joe151 wrote: know these will divide opinion

hifive wrote:

mattt wrote: undercover leopard shirt 70% off courtesy of Mr Porter

beedub wrote: My haul from NY

Rebuild by Needles western shirt

deuce wrote:
maxcash and ring

August Award WINNER

Sneakysbest wrote:
screen capture open source

lanvin collapse heel loafers in grey suede
costly mistake far too small wore once and destroyed feet so going to put em up here before backing
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6 Feb 2014 19:01
pops wrote: Laughing out loud

exactly the reaction I had to that hideously garish kerchief thing

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6 Feb 2014 19:29
kerchief is first entry for 2014 worst purchase Cool

11 long months before we know who takes the 2013 crown from you though
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6 Feb 2014 19:47
really like joe's shoes, what are they?
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7 Mar 2014 12:50
Centurionone wrote: For Noble's Eyes Only!

Thanks again Stephen ( Stylisticsspace)!

Centurionone wrote: Boro from Kapital

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13 Mar 2014 11:52
s4do wrote:
han kjobenhavn sweatshirt
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13 Mar 2014 11:58
mtthrvy2 wrote: really like joe's shoes, what are they?
dior homme
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13 Mar 2014 12:13
Sayword wrote:
s4do wrote:
han kjobenhavn sweatshirt

i'm sure you'd love it if there was a fat japanese guy printed on, you fat pervert
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13 Mar 2014 12:14
Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
Noble Locks
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13 Mar 2014 12:15
Is that the bloke from 'no country for old men' on that sweat?
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13 Mar 2014 12:17
Charles Manson - proper summery wears there