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10 Mar 2009 13:06
I've got COD4. Is 5 worth getting?

aint ever buying Fifa football games.
Popeye Doyle
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10 Mar 2009 13:12
in my opinion 4 is better than waw.

and for the record cod 5 is out this year Eye-wink
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10 Mar 2009 13:13
Guido wrote: I've got COD4. Is 5 worth getting?

aint ever buying Fifa football games.

I too shared that thought about FIFA but after reading all sorts of reviews and listened to people went for it and it is a much more authentic experience.
L really like COD5 but a lot of people have moaned about it, certainly losts of glitches online but that might habe been fixed with the recent update ( I have onlt played briefly recently)
Left 4 Dead is classic.
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10 Mar 2009 20:40
just got the red ring of fire/death problem….
how much would it normally cost to fix this problem? and where? (London)
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10 Mar 2009 20:48
Guido wrote: I've got COD4. Is 5 worth getting?

aint ever buying Fifa football games.

said the same thing before i bought an xbox. Had pro evo every year for about five years on the trot. i'm definately converted though.
Protege Moi
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11 Mar 2009 14:18

Bioshock 2 info starting to appear.
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13 Mar 2009 19:12
im gonna get cod tommorow, which is best to get 4 or 5?? never played on it before if that helps

also how easy is it to pick up the gameplay?? are halo skills transferable??
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13 Mar 2009 19:17
Get 4, it's much better. The gameplay is pretty fast but not too dissimilar to Halo once you are used to the controls
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13 Mar 2009 19:41
For a WW2 game, COD5 exceeded my expectations (that it would be shit basically). Love the Nazi Zombie mini-game too. Loads of weapons, not like 1 pistol, 1 rifle and a grenade. There is SHIT LOADS of weapons.

BIOSHOCK 2 - can't wait for htat shit Laughing out loud
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17 Mar 2009 23:01
got a new home hub from bt the other day, just loaded it up as usual to me comp and that, and then when i turned on my xbox i had to put in the m=numbers of the new one etc…now it keeps saying 'connection interupted' everytime you play a game online…..anything ive not done that i should of, laptops fine and i havent took out any filters or anythingfrom the fone lines??
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18 Mar 2009 09:34
Run the Xbox Live test under network settings. See if it brings up an error. it could be that your NAT is not Open anymore which causes connection issues to Live.

I imagine that is all foreign to you Laughing out loud

If you can do the first be and report back then will try take it from there.
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29 Mar 2009 13:23
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29 Mar 2009 17:02
Got the wwe legends of wrestling(copy of course) and its an easy game for anyone looking to get gamer points on.

Played it for two days and have already got 500g off it.

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29 Mar 2009 18:50
Have you exceeded your 3 year hardware warranty? If not, simply give Microsoft a call and they can repair it for you for free. Usually replace the motherboard with the latest chipset and update your DVD drive. If you are no longer under warranty, there are several places in London which fix RROD for £35, google it for your local store.
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29 Mar 2009 19:46
Called them to cancel a live renewal today, right hassel having to call.

I dont mind foreign call centers but the bad line always makes them really hard to hear Evil
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29 Mar 2009 20:03
Fuck Xbox support, they owe me two free controllers, because my Xbox has fucked itself 7 times - everytime I phone, I just get annoyed at the automated support and hang up before I even get to talk to someone who can't understand me. Tried e-mailing them as well, and they said they couldn't resolve it over e-mail and I'd have to call.

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7 Apr 2009 19:34
any suggestions for a good interesting racing game? thinking about the new need for speed but there could be something better out there. oh and nothing too serious.

also any other game suggestions.
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7 Apr 2009 22:15
^^Sega Rally (£10ish 2nd hand) is quality for split screen with a mate but very much arcade style racing.
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8 Apr 2009 09:25
Forza 2 is still the best.
Popeye Doyle
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8 Apr 2009 10:48
forza 2 is a bit serious (boring) as its simulation and you'll need to drive a bunch of mundane cars before unlocking the good stuff.

pgr4 is probably the best pick up and play racing game; or the latest burnout game but its not as good as the old ones as it doesn't have split screen mulitplayer or the mode where you had to crash and blow up as many things as possible from a take off.