Menswear: Yay/Nay?

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13 Nov 2019 18:24
Not to flog a very dead horse, but Arket’s fleece (pile I think they call it) is nice, the wool mix gives it a nicer feel IMO than normal fleece. Doesn’t really fit the above poster’s need in terms of a technical/outdoorsy look, but for anyone else wanting some fleece it’s nice.
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posted 13 Nov 2019 18:39, edited 13 Nov 2019 18:39
Hanto wrote:
quest wrote:
Crackajack wrote: Going to give this a go.

Seen loads of really nice stuff from snow peak on their shop, really want to get the insulated button up that someone here is selling…

The shop in St James is well worth a visit if you haven't been. Much better seeing the stuff in person but the prices are pretty steep!

I’m not in the uk unfortunately, but looking at the jp prices, they’re almost half the US online store price for a couple things I want. So proxy and risk posting them to me would be the cheapest option for me I think but I’m guessing the sizing will be strange/small
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14 Nov 2019 21:13
As EssexBoy the 2nd posted, these real wool fleeces fit really big actually. Quality is good but boxy and oversized so I'm going to back them (got M and L). Would work with a 2000's Milspex /streetwear kind of style though I think.