Menswear: Yay/Nay?

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18 May 2016 22:12
Are you fucking joking?
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18 May 2016 22:17
Laughing out loud
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18 May 2016 22:20
Fracaps are shite, Malibu x Missonis look great though.
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19 May 2016 06:02
beedub wrote: Are you fucking joking?

Laughing out loud this is what yay/nay is for. Sometimes you just need a slap.
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19 May 2016 08:38
Baaba Maal wear
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19 May 2016 12:26

Massive yay on this
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22 May 2016 19:02
Just as nice in the flesh. Lovely material. Cool
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22 May 2016 19:26
illwill wrote: Just as nice in the flesh. Lovely material. Cool
Clean and simple on back as well. Scooped one last week.
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22 May 2016 20:03
Love it.
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22 May 2016 20:07
ginner wrote:
Bails78 wrote:
swede wrote: meermin 101534


meermin 110198

siding with the second pair. less pointy

Where can I get these shoes from Swede, I like the look of them.

I have the top ones and some different ones on the same last as the second pair. The rounded ones are actually fairly tightly rounded and not the same kind of style you would see from chuch's or cheaney for example. Both lasts are exactly the same length. Top ones are a bit more on the chiselled side and are basically a copy of the Crockett and Jones Hallam oxfords which are to my eye a perfect dress shoe. Bit of a task to break them in. Their higher level line leathers are much softer and easier to break in.

update on these - really fucking great, just what I was after. extremely well made but fuck ME they are hard to break in. been wearing them round the house and need to wear semi-thick socks still to make them bearable. wedding next weekend should hopefully be ok. agreed the pointier ones (top pair) might be more dressy, the bottom pair will be slightly more versatile for my uses
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22 May 2016 20:09
I bet people really appreciate your opinion swede
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posted 25 May 2016 12:37, edited 25 May 2016 12:37
white leather jackets

edit: not bright white, off-white
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25 May 2016 12:40
Depends on the jacket, i think Bill had one that looked Ubercool
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25 May 2016 13:47
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25 May 2016 13:50
Laughing out loud

Bad enough to get plats out of retirement apparently

Think that colour leather looks better on women
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25 May 2016 16:29
Thoughts on the new acg jacket?
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posted 1 Jun 2016 17:45, edited 1 Jun 2016 17:45
^pm LFC

Can't stop thinking about these:

When I went to Tokyo some of the steeziest people had cartoons on their clothes. One was an old guy wearing a light summer suit in white with a blue mickey mouse embroidered onto the chest pocket and the other was younger wearing a loose Yohji type suit with a grey sweatshirt underneath which looked like it had the faces of The Jetsons on it.
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7 Jun 2016 18:51

Instead of Birkenstocks? Want sandals but also want to cover weird finger like toes.
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7 Jun 2016 19:12
God no. Get the COS sandals or Nike Mayfly or even espadrilles.
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7 Jun 2016 20:11
Yay on them from me, but you'll get massively cunted off everywhere you go in them.