Menswear: Yay/Nay?

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14 Mar 2022 12:51
THISISNEVERTHAT Converse are good (not as "yellowed" in real life)
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14 Mar 2022 13:13
swiftus wrote: Pretty unanimous…are they that bad?!? I'm convinced it's the angle of the photo Laughing out loud

I presume you need a prescription for those? Laughing out loud
I like the lows but those are unfortunate.

Like those Cons Pad but not a fan of different material for tongues.
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posted 15 Mar 2022 23:07, edited 15 Mar 2022 23:07
Those SWC are stinkers of the highest order

Cons are nice
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16 Mar 2022 06:30

Every time I see Stepney Workers they remind me of Bull Terriers.
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16 Mar 2022 08:10
The Low version of those Stepney Workers look decent on IMO. Pretty comfy too I’ve had a pair.
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16 Mar 2022 08:26
discobobulated wrote:
Every time I see Stepney Workers they remind me of Bull Terriers.

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28 Apr 2022 09:55
dunno where else to put this - after picking up a few basics - anyone got anything from Raey before? Thoughts?