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11 Jan 2013 12:15
Charles Winthorpe III
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11 Jan 2013 12:20
cheers bud
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11 Jan 2013 16:06
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12 Jan 2013 05:03
great video that. ole mah's hiccups at 9:00 am make it
it was on tosh a little while ago. thought it would have more views now. - Ashli Gay
cheers for that first one sayword. need to wach no country for old men this weekend. this time without spraying pigs eye ice all over the unlucky people sitting near me in the theatre..
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12 Jan 2013 09:54
KMA? Seriously? Laughing out loud Definitely a new one for dy.
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12 Jan 2013 20:12

This guy tries way too hard. Don't understand the BBC sometimes

Charlie Sloth still baffles me.

#Breakfastclique -- The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show Video on YouTube
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13 Jan 2013 09:04
Charles Winthorpe III wrote:
mr.white wrote: prob ofn.. do you know about techno?!!!

love this!

is that chrisina applegate?
the other guy is the dumb navy kid from a few good men.

do you know what movie its from?

vibrations (1996).. actually downloaded it.. it is bad but fun to watch. he goes on tour with sven vath (you just see the flyer).
Joe Bloggs
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13 Jan 2013 12:11
does anybody have that link to the two duel videos playing alongside each other of alex jones ranting about islam and the islamic music playing?

just tried searching it on here and couldnt get anywhere
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15 Jan 2013 17:37
Both videos are semi-gross, dont watch then come attacking me with your vagina.

He killed this spider with bug spray, Then a Horse Hair Worm came crawling out of the body;

Weird thing pulled out of head;

Emo fight with one finishing with some weird reverse-crab choke leg-hold thing.

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16 Jan 2013 09:45
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song ran through every language on Google Translate

carl lewis
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16 Jan 2013 12:32
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16 Jan 2013 19:36
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16 Jan 2013 19:46
carl lewis wrote:

Was on rude tube the other day Smiling
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19 Jan 2013 14:16

Ahmet Doğan, a Bulgarian politician of Turkish ethnicity and the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH), survived an assassination attempt on Saturday when an armed man tried to shoot at him during a party congress.
An armed assailant approached Doğan as he was speaking during HÖH's 8th Ordinary Congress in Sofia. The man was luckily prevented from shooting at Doğan by the politicians' guards. Doğan was reported to be fine after the incident.

During his speech, Doğan was expected to announce that he was leaving his post and to lend support for HÖH Deputy Chairman Lütfi Mestan.

Mestan strongly condemned the incident and said “democracy is under threat in Bulgaria.” “No matter who staged this attack, the motive behind it is hateful statements against our party. Thank God, this attempt was unsuccessful, but we would like to once again underline that democracy is under threat in Bulgaria. Some circles are trying to demonize Doğan and our party,” Mestan said in initial comments.

Doğan and his party has been a constant target of almost all right wing parties, from center-right to racist ones in Bulgaria.

Founded to protect of Turkish minorities in Bulgaria, HÖH is a party whose members are mainly Turks.

Eyewitnesses said the assailant was about to put his gun on the head of Doğan when he was captured by the guards.

The attacker, identified as Oktay Hasanov Yenimehmedov (25) was arrested immediately after the assassination attempt. His motive for the attack is still unclear.

Lack of security measures were blamed for the unsuccessful attempt. Party members in the congress complained that the attacker not stopped before approaching Doğan.

Turkey's Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Tekirdağ deputy Bülent Belen, who also attended the congress to represent his party, said they witnessed a “security scandal.”

Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu condemned the incident in a statement he released on Saturday. “We strongly condemn every kind of tyranny, violence and fascist pressure on democracy,” he said. He said “politicians cannot be stopped by guns” in democracies.

CHP Deputy Chairman Faik Öztrak and representatives from the European Parliament were also present at the congress, which was attended by some 1,500 party members.
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19 Jan 2013 14:22
Fucking hell Jawdropping! How the fuck did he get past security in the first place? Puzzled
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19 Jan 2013 14:25
Got a pass on for something? tiny gun to be able to hide it presumably.
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19 Jan 2013 14:32
"Worldstar, worldstar".
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19 Jan 2013 14:39
they give him a fair kicking Laughing out loud
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19 Jan 2013 14:53
Haven't seen a worse finisher since Gervinho.
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19 Jan 2013 14:55