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14 Jan 2009 19:57
So where you at? what are you doing? just applied?

& is it totally acceptable to spend my Student Loan on a Macbook in the first Semester?
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14 Jan 2009 19:59
spend your student loan on what you want, provided you can still afford to get wasted and live.
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14 Jan 2009 20:05
First semester you will spend 5x more than the rest of the time on going out! But you do need a laptop x
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14 Jan 2009 20:11
Are you eligible for any bursaries/grants? 2/3 people are. I'm in my third year studying Contemporary Fine art, got no idea what i'm gonna do afterward. Where are you and what are you studying etc?
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14 Jan 2009 20:11
didnt you get a laptop before you went to uni?

also my maintenance grant is £1050 and I have to pay like £840 rent per term (well £280 per month) so i dont really have any disposeable money

if your rent is taken care of then sure go for the macbook, student loan and interest free overdraft is there to be used.
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14 Jan 2009 20:12
Nah put your overdraft into an ISA and live off a part time job is my advice, you've got enough to pay back when you start earning…Plus you can use the interest off the ISA for something useful at the other end
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14 Jan 2009 20:13
oh yeah and im in my 3rd year at york doing maths

staying on for a 4th year pgce, which is basically teacher training (1 year long course then im qualified to teach maths to gcse&a-level)
also i get a 9k bursary while i do the course next year, and then a 5k 'golden hello' at the end of my first full year in work after getting the qualification.

got my interview for the pgce course next tuesday, im pretty hopeful as its a continuation at the same university. also have already signed myself up for a house next year so i hope i get in

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14 Jan 2009 20:21
WTF? Don't you need your student loan for rent? I don't even see mine, it come into my account then I pay it straight to my landlord. I work two jobs to keep up my spending habits. Take as many drugs as you can first year, you'll need to actually do some work in the next two.
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14 Jan 2009 20:24
my loan goes straight on rent and bills as well, not good times! I cant get a grant either which is lame, but I manage somehow.
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14 Jan 2009 20:29
First year I'll be on Campus, I won't spend it all on a Macbook! Working hard now and getting in extra hours so I can stash some money away for when I get around to buying one.

Applied for an Honors in Graphic Design at Lincoln, Sheffield, Leeds & Trent.
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14 Jan 2009 20:31
Yer just party in first year, with most courses it doesnt count towards the overall mark. 2nd year studying cancer biology.
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14 Jan 2009 20:31
just applied for journalism/fashion journalism at some places. cool shit.
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14 Jan 2009 20:33
doing a masters in int'l marketing/management atm,

pretty good course so far, no complaints..
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14 Jan 2009 20:37
where at?

im in last year at lcc, ual.
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14 Jan 2009 20:39
applying to do history
got my first offer today, fucking pleased
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14 Jan 2009 20:43
second year doing human geog at sheffield hallam. i get loan and grant bout grand for each and a bursary, think its cos im over 21 and living away from home.
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14 Jan 2009 20:51
No loan as a postgrad! Sad
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14 Jan 2009 21:15
2nd year doing Computer and Mathmatical Science….seriously Laughing out loud

Anyway we have some coursework this week, and have been told if we dont pass it (40% pass mark) we fail the whole year and have to repeat. No re-takes.

Surely this is just scare tactics?
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14 Jan 2009 21:17
Applying for architecture this year, i have two offers and interview and a portfolio request, from Oxford Brookes, University of Sheffield, University of Liverpool and Portsmouth. Waiting for Manchester and Bristol to get back to me. However i may take a year out and work on my portfolio, earn some cash and do some more stuff to improve my CV and apply next year. I'd like to go to Cardiff or maybe Cambridge but didn't think i'd get in this year.

Anyone else do Architecture as a career or studying on here? Advice on gap years to try and get into a better university next year? Is the reputation worth that much?
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14 Jan 2009 21:24
Applying for Law as a mature student in Manchester - dont think I will be accepted as I did it really last minute.. who knows though!