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4 Nov 2010 09:47
Is DuffMan north London's Tiddlywinks champion?
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4 Nov 2010 12:32
Laughing out loud and doesn't Font go to Bristol?
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4 Nov 2010 12:36
Laughing out loud Bristol is 80% private school kids.
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4 Nov 2010 12:41
I'm pretty sure that was a pisstake saying that Edinburgh has fuck all students from England.
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4 Nov 2010 12:47
lol at the bristol thing. Not true at all. Head up park street and you'll see.

But if you get rejected there is a reason mate. All be it possibly silly, there is one. You're just not suitable.

Still you're smart so i wouldn't worry. Lots of smart FUKers in here.
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4 Nov 2010 13:36
some unis reject certain applicants because they don't have anything interesting on their personal statements.

good grades doesn't mean that much because everybody has them.

some interesting (but american) blog posts on getting into top universities here and here
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4 Nov 2010 14:33
Evil all this talk of personal statements has made me read mine. It's so fucking cringe!
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4 Nov 2010 14:55
andymakesglasses wrote: Is DuffMan north London's Tiddlywinks champion?

Laughing out loud

There's a grain of truth to the scottish thing as it was only this year Edinburgh dropped their policy of prioritising Scottish students over English. I have to say my personal statement was very good and still reads relatively nicely now and was certainly a factor in me getting lots of offers quickly and not with 3 a's, I even got a handwritten letter from York accepting me and referencing a number of things I said in my statement.
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4 Nov 2010 15:41
Edinburgh's selection process is / was weighted towards Scottish students, but even with that weighting two-thirds of Edinburgh students are English.

So in relation to the original point, to say "it's monumentally hard to get into Edinburgh if you're not Scottish" is a bit misleading.
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4 Nov 2010 16:40
good universities are not that interested in grades. Nobody knows more so than them, that A levels are easy, and even the very best marks simply aren't that impressive.

I know people that got into the very best places will all C's, with good personal statement, good reference, and a good interview.
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4 Nov 2010 17:21
I emailed the admissions dept and they just sent back a default email being like "we don't care about extra-curriculum activities, you need to write about personal reading in your personal statement"

they can't disclose any individual information obviously, as my personal statement was literally entirely based around personal reading. ah well, it does read like I'm an absolute tosser! so I'll give 'em that at least.

gotta send off some written school-work for my oxford application as well, deadline is next wednesday and I had no idea, sigh. it's aite though, at least I haven't joined the student room Eye-wink
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4 Nov 2010 17:54
my thoughts to a number of these comments

-its worth getting in early, i gave mine in this time last year (AAB prediction) and got all 5 offers.. UCL, Kings, Bristol, Bath and Southampton within a month.
-unis dont want grades.. you need to have other impressive shit! travelling etc.. (head boy in my case haha), 4/5 of my offers were lower than stated in the prospectus.. only UCL stuck to their guns for AAB (Bath - AB, Southampton BBB, Kings ABB, Bristol BB)
-When i got the Bristol offer of just BB i slacked hard and only got BBB (annoyingly close to AAB) but i dont mind.. Bristol is sick haha
-yes there are sooooo many private schoolers, all from the south and south east.. and the whole "look up park street" refers to people who go to uwe, like the guys that live above cooshti.. all uwe haha
Joe Bloggs
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4 Nov 2010 17:55
what course are you doing swede?
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4 Nov 2010 19:09
Willajd just send off a piece of coursework from last year. They probably won't give it much attention.
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5 Nov 2010 01:12
Pretty sure a couple of people here go bristol (UWE) ? How is it ?

Edit: How competitive is it to get in ? The grades i got told i need were not high so reading through some posts on here and a bit of assumption i guess it's pretty much all down to portfolio ( a given i know ), interview and personal statement ?
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5 Nov 2010 19:43
uwe isnt too hard to get into i dont think, even more on portfolio over grades

pharmacology joe bloggs
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6 Nov 2010 11:55
Sports marketing management anyone ?
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6 Nov 2010 12:03
Is anyone from King's? for anyone that gave me advice on dropping out of Sheffield before, just to let you know I am loving it here Cool I can't quite put my finger on what went so wrong last time, half the course and half not being ready I think.
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6 Nov 2010 12:07
i have a friend at kings and says its really good! but can be expensive going out..
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6 Nov 2010 12:15
anyone done/doing a graduate diploma in law?

edit: nvm, looked back a few pages.